Google is a Book Burner

November 7, 2008

There is no other explanation as to why Google’s YouTube woud ban this video. The man speaking in the video, Alfonzo Rachel, expressed his personal opinion and his religious beliefs. He believes that it is wrong to compare black people to gay people. He expressed himself using no vulgar words, no profane language, no blasphemy, and there are no obscene scenes such as are rampant on YouTube. Yet this video was BANNED by Google, because Google did not agree with his speech about homosexual marriage! Apparently, Google permits only PRO homosexual speech.

Google is a Book Burner! Video BANNED by Google

However, at YouTube you can freely watch a Video entitled “My President Is Black” which praised Barack Obama with lyrics filled with hate speech, vulgarities, the “N” word and blasphemy. In fact, at Google’s YouTube I counted at least one dozen of these “Google-Approved ‘My President Is Black'” videos. Why does not Google find this speech offensive? Is it because the videos praise Barack Obama? Or is it because the “My President Is Black” video does not concern homosexuality. Why is discussing homosexuality, as opposed to praising it, considered hate speech by Google?

Why does Google burn “out of favor” books here in the twenty-first century? Here are the lyrics: New National Anthem – My President Is Black. Certainly a new nation needs a new national song, does it not? And, remember all the recent condemnation by Obama’s campaign calling Sarah Palin a “Book Banner,” which was a blatant lie, for she never did such a thing? However, Google does believe in banning books, and Google actually does ban books. Where’s the condemnation, Obama supporters, if you are so concerned about book banning?

Wikipedia Definition of Book Burning


The Black Hole of Grievances

July 18, 2008

This insanity is one more reason why Barack Obama cannot be elected President of these United States.

The YouTube video shows  a commissioner in Dallas discussing traffic tickets that just seem to disappear into a “Black Hole.” However, there is more than one ignoramus on the Dallas commission who took offense at the phrase “Black Hole.” Apparently these dunces have never heard of outer space; all they can relate to are “Black Hoes” or “Black Hos” or however the term for black woman is spelled by Rappers. The dunces took immediate umbrage that a white man would dare to speak Rapper language, and became racially offended, demanding an apology. When The First Dunce is interviewed afterwards, he complained that it’s also hurtful that “angel food cakes” are white, and “devil’s food cakes” are black. Good Lord, some people can take offence so easily that their racist grievances could fill up that Black Hole in no time flat.

Now I never knew that “Devil’s Food Cake” was black. All that I’ve ever seen were “Chocolate.” However, in today’s United States, “Chocolate” is probably a racist slur too, although I’m not really sure. I just cannot keep abreast with all the changes in the language brought about by people who can barely speak our Shakespeare’s beloved English. All I know, Dallas, is that these are YOUR “elected” leaders!  Color should not matter. What should matter, is to elect grown-ups with brains, which you have failed to do.

This incident in Dallas has nothing to do with Presidential candidate Barack Obama, yet it has everything to do with him. If he cannot be treated like every other candidate who has run for President for fear of offending his “fragile” racial psyche, how can he be tempered by the fire of the campaign and have his mettle tested? Answer – he cannot in today’s atmosphere of demand for racist grievances. 

When citizens go to the polls to vote in November, no matter how attractive Barack Obama, voters will be remembering “Black Holes,” the screeds of Reverend Wright, Whoopie Goldberg’s language on morning television, and last but not least the “most reverend” Reverend Jesse Jackson, all of whom continually demand that the rest of us treat members of their race as delicate, immature children.