Obama Laughed at the Bourgeoisie

November 22, 2008

Obama and the Bourgeois Whites – “We’d Laugh at the Faces”

“I’d usually stop to talk to the boys who hung out on the stoop all summer long about the Knicks or the gunshots they’d heard the night before. When the weather was good, my roommate and I might sit out on the fire escape to smoke cigarettes and study the dusk washing blue over the city, or watch white people from the better neighborhoods nearby walk their dogs down our block to let the animals shit on our curbs — ‘Scoop the poop, you bastards!’  my roommate would shout with impressive rage and we’d laugh at the faces of both master and beast, grim and unapologetic as they hunkered down to do the deed. I enjoyed such moments –” ~~Barack Obama in “Dreams From My Father,” pages 3, 4.)

When Barack Obama was living in New York City, he would entertain himself laughing at the upper-class “white people from the better neighborhoods” because they were actually following the rules of the community in which they lived. Obama wrote about it in his own words in “Dreams From My Father,” pages 3, 4. Come January 2009, Barack Obama will be the President of all those detestable white people of New York City’s bourgeoisie. As Barack Obama’s friend and associate, American terrorist Bill Ayers, once said, “America is a great country!”

The aristocracy, in order to rally the people to them, waved the proletarian alms-bag in front for a banner. But the people, so often as it joined them, saw on their hindquarters the old feudal coats of arms, and deserted with loud and irreverent laughter.” (From Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in “The Communist Manifesto.”)