Tax Paying Chumps

February 1, 2009

Why Do Democrats Love High Taxes? Because Democrats Don’t Pay Taxes! Only chumps pay taxes, and Democrats are NOT chumps. Only Republicans are.

If ALL of us decide to follow the lead of President Obama’s cabinet secretaries and not bother paying our taxes this year, who will the IRS go after first? Will IRS go after those of us “little people” who owe $5000 or less, or will tax collectors set their sights on the $35,000 to $135,000 guys – like Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury? Mr. Secretary Timothy Geithner not only did not pay federal self-employment tax for which he was reimbursed in advance, but he took a “child care” deduction for an exclusive summer camp for his children. Why cannot you do that too, even if you are not the Secretary of Treasury in charge of the IRS?

If, following the lead of our government’s leaders, we peons all decide not to pay our taxes this year, will the IRS go after all of us? Is there a jail or prison large enough in the United States to contain all of us? It is up to you to find what is your Representatives’ stance on taxes. The media will never investigate to tell you as they are not interested in asking probing questions of Democrats. Ask your own United States Representatives if they pay all of their taxes or do they pay only what they want, like former Democrat Senate Leader Tom Daschle. Ask your Representatives in Congress why you should pay taxes when a Senator and the Secretary of the Treasury are not required to do so. Ask your own Representatives if they, themselves, pay their taxes, or do they leave that up to some low level employee who may or may not be on maternity leave.

Looking for a “legal” tax haven? – No need to go off-shore anymore. Just join the Obama administration.