We Are All Socialists Now

October 8, 2008

How Do We Know? We know because our banks are being nationalized!

Whoever wins the American presidency, Barack Obama or John McCain, our status as a socialist nation will not change. Last night during the debate, McCain attempted to out-socialize Barack Obama with his government buyout of home mortgages plan. We are now fully fledged socialistic weaklings who think we know how to run an economy better than capitalism and market forces. Henceforth, our technological advancement will be carefully planned, if it is allowed to occur, and the concept of individuality will be squelched. The socialist communal values of equality and brotherhood will be tauted and turn us into community organizers like Barack Obama and A.C.O.R.N. Productive capitalists will be the outcasts of society and shunned and condemned for their individual strivings and achievements as the unnatural orthodoxy of socialism ascends.

We crave socialism.  Why else would we be choosing to elect a member of Congress to the Presidency? It is the Congress who has led us astray. It is the Congress that has turned us into a socialist nation. We are being told that the consequences of not socializing our financial system would have been catastrophic. However, any thinking American has a gut feeling that the consequences of the Land of the Free becoming a Land of Socialists is undoubtedly catastrophic, too. We know from world history that the socialist experiment results in unhappy people who feel victimized by a government that gambles their money in the market (like throwing $40 BILLION “more” taxpayer funds to insurance giant AIG today), instead of using that taxpayer money for socially necessary health care, education, pensions, security and national defence. We know that socialism results in equal poverty for all. We know that the only escape from socialism is revolution, and that does not happen until the misery and anger of the people becomes unbearable. 

Ayn Rand wrote that the difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is but a matter of time.

We’re All Socialists Now, Comrade