October 14, 2008
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When Barack Obama is finally elected President of the U.S. with the invaluable help from his very own community organization, A.C.O.R.N. and his Mainstream Media Mouthpiece, he will NEVER be accepted as the rightful heir to the office because of the massive voter fraud perpetrated upon the American voters by ACORN and America’s horribly corrupt media. He will be forever known by those whose votes be stolen by Obama’s A.C.O.R.N., as “President Obamacorn.”

Mickey Mouse and Tom Turkey For Obama  – Americans are Turkeys Too!

The St. Petersburg Times reports that ACORN tried to register Mickey Mouse.

Investor’s Business Daily cites Barack Obamacorn’s lies about his MANY A.C.O.R.N. associations.

So does the Wall Street Journal.

Jim Hoft provides a guide to ACORN fraud.

Even CNN is on the case. You mean the MSM! ??? How bad can ACORN be if CNN has to cover it?

The ciggies-and-smokes kid and other fraud recruits testified in Ohio.

Obamacorn at Flickr

The Senator from ACORN

Barack “AAA” Obama

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