Hero of Apple.com

October 13, 2007

Algore – Superhero of Apple.com

It is enough to make me want to throw my new Ipod out of a twenty story building, if I could find one. I went to Apple.com today and this was what greeted me on their front page – Algore, Apple’s Super Hero and Peace Prize Winner.

Algore, Hero of Apple.com

This is the sight that greeted viewers of  the front page of Apple.com today, 13 October 2007. I went there looking for accessories for my new Ipod. I must be nuts for having purchased an Apple product in the first place. Apparently Apple.com is more interested in making political statements than manufacturing and selling their merchandise.

Yes, Algore has put his heart and soul these last few years into telling the proletariat how to live. He lights, heats and air-conditions his mansion while telling the rest of us to buy expensive light bulbs and wear sweaters.  He scolds less affluent consumers for driving mini SUVs, while he flies around the globe in his own jet plane. Go ahead and burst with pride, Apple.com, as your man is now in the same lofty “Peace Prize Winner” hero league as the likes of Yasser Arafat.

Saint Algore – Winner of an Emmy, an Oscar and now the Nobel Peace Prize. One could expect no less from the inventor of the Intenet and the inspiration for “Love Story,” could one? However, … can one expect the sainted Algore to also whip Saint Hillary’s (***) rear end in the Democratic nomination for United States president?