Obama Replaces God in Ohio

November 3, 2008

“The Audacity of Blasphemy” by Barack Obama

In Ohio, Obama replaces God. Do you feel your soul shuddering? You should!

In Obama We Trust

God Gave Us a Prophet Moses and a Martin Luther King called Barack Obama.

Today, as he prayed before an Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio, Cornal Garnett Henning, the AME Bishop of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, thanked God for having “given us a Moses and a Martin called Barack Obama” and asked the Almighty to “grant that we together this nation under God may have the will to bring about the change we need” and ensure that “those who cast their sacred vote will not be deprived this right.”

This is frightening stuff. No wonder the mainstream media trembles at the thought of criticizing the people’s “Messiah.” However, on the street of an Ohio town, “The One” has been elevated far above the heads of Moses and Martin, and is now – ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF – Barack Obama! Praise the Lord!

A new national motto for the new Obama Nation – “In Obama We Trust.”

Louis Farrakhan proclaimed Barack Obama to be the Messiah. He said “The Messiah is absolutely speaking.”  It is on YouTube video.

And the people believe! It is frightening if Obama wins, and it is frightening if he loses to McCain. Have you seen any of the videos of children singing praises to Obama, both in America and overseas?

“Because of Obama.”

Obama’s Going to Change the World

Hello Coal States

November 2, 2008

Welcome Bankruptcy! Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana – Vote OBAMA for NO MORE COAL!

Barack Obama to Coal Industry – “We will bankrupt you!” Depression, Soup Kitchens to follow. Don’t worry! The new taxes on the rich will pay for your welfare checks.

Obama to the American Consumer “My policies will cause energy prices to skyrocket.” How is it that Obama is way ahead in the polls in those states? Must be the dead voting. Why would anyone want to bankrupt the coal industry in America, since fifty percent of our energy comes from coal? America is a coal-rich nation. According to Sarah Palin, we have more coal than there is oil in the Middle East.

You can thank Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit for posting this. No thanks to San Francisco and the corrupt mainstream “in the toilet tank for Obama” media who have kept it hidden since January 2008. CNN is now calling it “old news.”

Obama Bragged to San Francisco Audience That He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry! That was after he explained to liberal San Franciscans about why those quaint, provincial, gun-clinging, bible-thumping Pennsylvanians are ignorant rubes. However you voters have not been the least concerned with any other radical Obama promises, like when he told NPR how he was going to redistribute Americans’ wealth (Obama’s Redistribution Plans), why would you care that he is going to destroy the coal industry that turns on fifty percent of the lights in your houses. Jobs, Jobs, who needs a Job when we have Al Obama to save us all from want. And, remember, “darkness” can be a good thing.

Don’t dare ask an energy expert like Governor Palin about how to solve the energy crisis, as she is only a woman, not a heaven-sent Messiah. Obama plans to raise prices to change American’s bad behavior – like our use of electricity and gasoline. Obama said “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.The Obama Nation sounds like a bleak and dark place. Maybe we will be saved by John McCain.

Aljazeera for OBAMA!

October 19, 2008

In the “New York Times Magazine” today, The Obama claims that he would be three points higher in the polls if it were not for Fox News Channel. So … how many points higher in the polls would be Senator John McCain if it were not for The Obama-loving CNN ? New York Times ? NBC with its lunatic offspring MSNBC? and the Aljazeera Network?  (Obama Blames Fox News)

If you want to hear all the latest lies and criticism on the McCain-Palin ticket, Just listen to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Obama’s MSNBC, Aljazeera TV in Ohio, etc. Plus, you will get all the praise and positive coverage on The Obama and Biden that you could possibly want, and all the dirt on the Republicans that you can possibly stomach, as this Aljazeera in Ohio  video shows.

Where, in America’s entire news networks, except for Fox News, can the voter find the real truth about The Obama?

  • The Obama has far less experience to be president than anyone in history (less than two years in the U.S. Senate).
  • The Obama has associations that tie him to radical leftists, terrorists, and voter fraud organizations, and corrupt CEOs like those of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Countrywide, who brought on America’s current financial meltdown.
  • The beliefs and policies of The Obama are viewed by most economists as Socialist, as using the tax code to “spread the wealth around,” as he himself revealed.
  • The Obama is purchasing the votes of Americans with two television channels and $30+ Million in TV advertising in just the last month alone.
  • The Obama is the overwhelming choice of America’s CORRUPT media solely because he is black and a liberal. The CORRUPT American media immediately “swift-boats” anyone and everyone who spotlights flaws of The Obama. Just ask Hillary Clinton and Joe the Plumber.