Where Is Obama’s Red Star?

October 30, 2008

I counted many, many Obama advertising signs, wearing apparel and other accouterments with the Communist Red Star emblazoned upon them at the Democrat Victory Store: www.democratnationalcommittee.com

I wrote about them: “Get Your Red Stars Here, Comrade.”  Now they seem to be all gone. What happened? does anyone know who stole Al Obama’s Red Star Rising? What’s a Comrade to do who wants to show his true colors?

The Obama Red Star license plate is still available for Communists who are rich enough to own a car: http://www.democratnationalcommittee.com/candidates/images/obama-plate.jpg.

Hurry – before it disappears too. Although, it seems that the Minnesotans now have the Socialist Red Star Rising over their 10,000 lakes.