Where Is Obama’s Red Star?

October 30, 2008

I counted many, many Obama advertising signs, wearing apparel and other accouterments with the Communist Red Star emblazoned upon them at the Democrat Victory Store: www.democratnationalcommittee.com

I wrote about them: “Get Your Red Stars Here, Comrade.”  Now they seem to be all gone. What happened? does anyone know who stole Al Obama’s Red Star Rising? What’s a Comrade to do who wants to show his true colors?

The Obama Red Star license plate is still available for Communists who are rich enough to own a car: http://www.democratnationalcommittee.com/candidates/images/obama-plate.jpg.

Hurry – before it disappears too. Although, it seems that the Minnesotans now have the Socialist Red Star Rising over their 10,000 lakes.

Response to Republican Convention

September 3, 2008

What has been the response in Minnesota from the opponents of John McCain’s campaign and the Republican Convention in their state?

Just a bit of rioting and destroying of Minnesota businesses, dumping garbage cans in the street, busting out store windows, kicking police officers, flipping off FoxNews reporters, taking crow bars to car windows, and Obama’s Code Pink supporters attempting to silence John McCain.

Wonder why we never saw any of that behavior at the Democrat convention? Could it have anything to do with the “difference” between supporters of Democrats and supporters of Republicans?

Barack Obama’s Responses to the Republicans