Is John McCain a Lawyer?

April 16, 2008

How honest and accurate is Michelle Obama? Or is it another one of those Obama “Misspokes?”

I suppose when one is a Princeton educated lawyer married to a Harvard law school graduate, one’s world view is just plain different from the rest of us.  “Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer, everybody’s a lawyer,” proclaimed Senator Barack Obama’s wife Michelle at a political rally. Michelle Obama revealed that John McCain is a lawyer too, and that he made millions before deciding to help people. Perhaps John McCain deserves an apology, as for all that he is or may be, I have never before read that he is or ever was a LAWYER.

Calling someone a lawyer, who is not, should be a crime, shouldn’t it, especially when that someone is your political opponent? If nothing else, it has got to be a slur. It cannot be a lie, as Dems and all their Ivy League lawyers don’t ever lie – they just “misspeak.” I guess in DEMs’ lingo it is just another one of their “misspokes.”

Michelle Obama’s Own Words:

Barack has more legislative experience than anyone currently in this race.” – Michelle Obama

Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer … but everybody in this race is a lawyer. And most of them made their millions before they decided to help the people, but not Barack.” – Michelle Obama AUDIO

From Michelle Obama – Unhindered by Accuracy

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