Obama’s Polygamist Father

August 24, 2008

The American voter is a bit loony and lacking when it comes to logic, or is misled by the corrupt American media.

For example, when Governor Mitt Romney was recently running for President of these United States, he was deemed as totally unacceptable by the electorate because in the distant past of ancient American history, his American religion of Mormonism had practiced the Old Testament rite of polygamy.

Fast forward a few months later to today. Oh how the American voter has become enlightened as to those American virtues of tolerance and diversity. Who has now been chosen as the official Democrat nominee for United States president? Barack Hussein Obama, son of a polygamist. Obama’s father was not a polygamist in the long ago past of ancient history; he was a polygamist until the day he died in 1982.

Yet, remarkably, not one word has been uttered by the mainstream media about Obama’s polygamist heritage. Why was it so important for the media to condemn Romney’s Mormon religion because of polygamy, yet mention nothing at all about Barack Obama having been born into a polygamous Muslim family? It should make one ponder upon the different attitudes shown towards the two men by America’s corrupt news organizations.

Presidential candidate Obama’s father, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Sr., was born 1936, in Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya. When he was killed in an automobile crash in Nairobi, Kenya in 1982, he left behind three wives, at least one ex-wife, six sons and a daughter. He would have left four wives if the American-born mother of Barack Obama had not divorced him before his untimely death.

In contrast, Mitt Romney’s father, GEORGE ROMNEY, was married to his one and only wife for sixty-four years, until death did they depart.

Ancestry of Barack Obama


The CAIR Bears Are Here

December 4, 2007


Although in the United States of America, a teddy bear may only be named “Teddy” in honor of our illustrious former President Teddy Roosevelt (see “Teddy Bear Lessons”), in Muslim countries a teddy bear may be called by whatsoever name one chooses, as long as said chosen name is NOT “Mohammad.”

The CAIR Bears are Here.”

They go by many names, all “legal”, as there is not a Mohammad in the bunch. Look for them at your local CAIRMart or BombsRUs toy store. They are:

  • the “dressed to kill” Jihad Bear;
  • the full burka clad female Sharia Bear;
  • the “Evil Zionist” Likud Bear; 
  • the Allah Ack-Bear which includes a self destruct button that explodes taking its owner with it;
  • the Scare Bear;
  • the Ayatollah Bear – greatly exalted for his issuing of death-fatwas upon infidels;
  • the “headless” Infidel Bear;
  • the detachable headed Kaffir Bear;
  • the orange suited Club Gitmo Bear; 
  • the Assassin Bear which comes with a real sword;
  • the Shiite Bear and the Baby Shiite Bear with its own “Mohammad” Piggy Bank;
  • the Bare Mullah;  
  • the Imam Hamza Bear with one eye and one arm; and
  • the Prayer Bear that comes with a prayer rug and a compass.

There is absolutely nothing soft and cuddly, nor fuzzy-wuzzy about these CAIR Bears. They are grizzly bears, with sharp teeth and claws and bodies stuffed with IEDs. They are all ready to self destruct and take you along with them, “kinda” like their own “Religion of Peace.”

WARNING: Do not give these CAIR Bears as Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. One person has already suffered for doing so. She purchased the Prayer Bear and then placed him upon his prayer rug, which she mistook for a magic carpet. She commanded him to fly around the room. He did just that while mumbling some Arabic gibberish, then landed under her Holiday tree, lit a fuse in his bear paw and blew up the entire family room.

DISCLAIMER: There are those who are calling the manufacture of the CAIR Bears to be an ugly, ignorant and intolerant slur upon another culture. Some are claiming that the creators of the make-believe CAIR Bears are worse fundamentalist extremists than any of the real Islamic extremists. Think of this. Ridicule and laughter at our enemies’ idiotic and lunatic behavior is a far more humane weapon than those that they wield against us. Indeed, satire and overdue mass-mockery may very well be the best weapon of all against such lunacy as the killing and/or flogging of a school teacher in the name of teddy bears. (See “Teddy Bear Lessons“)

The image, Mohammed Bear, is subject to copyright by j.fishers. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.

Who Wants 72 Virgins?

July 13, 2005

Who Will Murder to Get Them? The answer is below.

Does the Koran really promise Islamic martyrs 72 virgins? Beginning with the September 11th suicide/homicide bombers who destroyed themselves and thousands of others, there has been talk that the murderers of so many expected their reward to be seventy-two virgins in paradise. Is this a true interpretation of the Muslim faith? Is there any Koranic basis for believing that those who kill and die for the faith will be gifted by Allah with three score and twelve comely virgins?

The difficulty in determining what the Koran has to say about virgins  is establishing what the Koran says about anything, period. Translations vary widely. In a Web-based version of Islam’s holy book (www.unn.ac.uk/societies/islamic/index.htm) there is: “Verily, for the Muttaqun [righteous], there will be a success (paradise); gardens and grapeyards; and young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age; and a full cup (of wine)” (An-Naba 78:31-34). Other translations replace “full-breasted maidens” with less voluptuous words such as “companions.”  The Arabic word at issue is WakawaAAiba, which appears nowhere else in the Koran. The French usually translate that word as des belles aux seins arrondis, which is literally “beautiful women with round breasts.”

The actual number of virgins allotted to the faithful, seventy-two, is found nowhere in the Koran. For this promise Muslims must read the Hadith, traditional sayings traced to Muhammad. Hadith number 2,562, known as the Sunan al-Tirmidhi reads, “The least [reward] for the people of Heaven is 80,000 servants and 72 wives, over which stands a dome of pearls, aquamarine and ruby.

It is anyone’s guess as to what the holy Prophet of Islam had on his mind when he made such promises to his followers. Was he only appealing to any normal man’s eternal lust? I, a woman, will take the 80,000 servants perhaps, if that is what they really are;  servants who are paid well and treated with respect. However, if  “servants” in the Hadith, translates in reality to “enslaved persons,” then that Heaven or Paradise where lives the holy Allah does not sound appealing to me. And why would I want seventy-two wives, anyway; or seventy-two concubines, as that is what they likely are? Oh, I forgot that Allah was speaking only to men. Women I suppose, receive the glory of being one of the seventy-two virgins.

As is typical of the American left, those erudite secularists amongst us, they see this heavenly reward of virgins given for murder as no fault of Islam. Long before Muhammad was even born, it was Jesus Christ who came a-teaching in the land about a heavenly Paradise. Muhammad was only accepting the teachings of the prophet Jesus, therefore, the murdering of innocent Jews and Christians so that Muslim men can obtain their Allah-promised seventy-two virgins in Paradise is all the fault of … Christianity.

There are words to describe followers of any religion who would take innocent human life to satisfy their own lusts for virgins, heavenly or earthly, and the words are “murderous sexual perverts.” That is the same phrase that is already applied to persons who commit the same horrific deeds, but not in the name of Allah, to satisfy their sexual perversions on earth.