Democrats Beneath Contempt

September 18, 2008

These Obama Supporters Were Already Beneath Contempt!

Coming on the heels of the vicious lies that were spread about Governor Palin’s minor child, is the criminal hacking of Palin’s email account and the publication on the Internet of her private photographs, phone numbers and letters. It is too much to believe that Americans would elect to the highest offices in the land, the standard bearers of these slimy, repulsive people.

All over the Internet one can see the disgraceful comments made about Senator John McCain’s choice for VP, including the ridiculing of her family, and vulgar descriptions of her Downs Syndrome baby. It is sickening, and no true American should want to be associated with these sub-humans. I am thankful that I have never been a Democrat. So very many of their followers are shameful and without morals, and that cannot be a coincidence. This is the gleeful comment posted along with Governor Palin’s personal emails at the Gawker site:

Ok, sad thing first: a good Samaritan reset the password and tried to alert Sarah. But he also posted the new password, causing multiple people to try to log in at once, freezing the account for 24 hours. And now, the account has been deleted! Which is, as we said, maybe destruction of evidence? So for now this is, we think, all we’ll get to see from this email account (if anyone finds evidence of saved emails, let us know.):

The full timeline of events, with corroborating evidence of the legitimacy of these screengrabs, is here. Here’s why it all looks convincing

After these cruel and sleazy left-wing Obama supporters broke the law and stole the personal email of Sarah Palin, all they found were heartfelt letters from her loving family and friends. They were so disappointed with that result, that they took the private phone number of the child they had previously slandered when Palin as VP was first announced, and have been phoning her. That is the kind of child-abusing scum of the earth they are who want to run this country for you. Obama’s supporters are now claiming the whole thing was a dirty trick by John McCain. That was their exact same response when The Daily Kos published scandalous lies and photographs of Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter. When found out, they blamed their pitiful, miserable quest on Karl Rove, even after their Democrat culprit was found to be an Obama campaign supporter, Charles Hartley of Columbus, Ohio.

This same crime was committed against a Maryland politician a few years ago who was running for the U.S. Senate. Because Michael Steele was a black man and Republican, he was deemed unworthy of basic respect by the Democrat establishment. Two members of Senator Charles Schumer’s staff were convicted of the thefts of Mr. Steele’s personal information, which was publicly disseminated to injure him and his family, the same as is now happening to the Palins. These are the same hateful, intolerant far-leftists warmly enfolded into the bosom of the Democrat party, who now see Sarah Palin unworthy to be a woman because she is a mother with young children and a loving husband, and responsible for her own success.

Earlier today, we brought you selections from the private email correspondence of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. A look at the contents reveals… well, not much. Whichever /b/tard first hacked into the account didn’t actually seem to know what he was looking for and tossed the password into the public before anything that great was tracked down. But still! We can learn a bit from the emails thus far recovered. One, a cryptic, prayerful message from a friend Palin appointed to a nice government job. The other excerpt is maybe more enlightening: an exchange between Palin and her Lt. Governor, complaining at length about the indignities of having to defend their records to the media. Specifically, to one critical right-wing radio talk show host. If Palin can’t handle that, it’s no wonder she hides from the national press. Read on for the full emails.

Who of you would not be horrified to see your private emails posted online, with your personal family photographs, your children’s phone numbers, and ALL the email addresses of your family, friends and other contacts? Even though it is a federal crime, the Democrat supporters of Barack Obama are overjoyed about it. Is America ready for leaders who so brazenly flaunt the rule of law? To them, the end justifies the means, and to them the destruction of Sarah Palin is the end they seek. She is one dangerous and frightening American woman to those who despise the American values the rest of us cherish.