Facebook for Idiots

January 23, 2009

Facebook Scams For Idiots

Facebook applications are mostly designed for idiots. When I first joined Facebook, because I love genealogy, I got involved with the Family Tree Application. It was so difficult to set up, entering all of my ancestors and relatives, that I have hesitated to delete it, as I have already done with most of the other applications I had set up. After doing all of that setting up, I cannot use the Family Tree App as it is more difficult to edit than it was to set up. Who has that much time to tinker?

The Facebook applications that I use that I find worthwhile, good and not idiotic are Stanza, Twitter, Photos, Portable Reading, Posted Items and Notes. Groups, Events, Picnik, WordPress and Gifts seem to be okay although I’ve not used them much.

I have come to despise  all of those Facebook applications that come to you as “Invitations from your Friends.” You feel the need to honor your friends, so you respond. Then when you allow your “friends’ application” to access your information, the first thing it does is to go in and grab the names of all of your friends and mass spam them with the very same “Invitations from your Friends” that you just received. Only this time, your name is on it as the sender. I HATE, HATE, HATE them for doing that! Those applications that do not Mass Spam have a different ploy. You need to enter your cell phone number to get the response that they tell you is awaiting you from your friend. Once you give that information, then you are told that $9.95 will be charged to your cell phone. Oh cool! Well, I have been getting wiser and warier with these tricky FaceBook apps.

Back to the “Family Tree” application. I’m a genealogist, so I couldn’t resist. First mistake! It could be fun, but it is instead bogus. Everytime I go to edit it, there is a “flashing” message, such as today’s “You Have Two Secred Admirers. Click to Find Out Who They Are.” So, idiot that I am, I click. Next the Family Tree App wants to know whether I am male or female, before they give me the messages from my secret admirers. Next step, it will cost me $9.95 to retrieve each one of the “Secret Admirer Messages.” I’m only a little stupid – I’m not THAT stupid!

Oh FaceBook, Grow Up Before I Really Get Ticked and Leave You For Good!
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