Canada’s Fairness Doctrine

May 28, 2008

Message from Canada: War Resisters Welcome Here!

That was the message from Canada at the start of the Iraq War as Canada welcomed with open arms deserters from the United States military forces. Because Canada euphemistically labeled them as “War Resisters” a number of misguided U.S. soldiers took the bait. One of those DESERTERS turned “War Resister” was National Guard Sergeant Corey Glass.

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So how fares War Resister Sergeant Glass in his newly adopted homeland? Well … Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board has just denied Glass’s application for refugee status and the Canadian Border Services Agency has issued him a June 12 deportation order to a country, the U.S. of A., where he is considered, not a “war resister,” but a genuine honest-to-god wartime deserter.

Canada to Deport U.S. Deserter
Sergeant Glass, of Fairmont, Indiana, says he attempted to walk away from the U.S. Army but was told that would be desertion, which was punishable by death. Therefore, he welcomed Canada’s most gracious invitation, as anyplace would be better than facing a firing squad. But now the Sergeant DESERTER is on his way back to the land, people and messmates that he deserted a few short years ago.

Now how fair is that Canada? To create a national folk hero out of an invited refugee because he spit in the eye of the United States military, and then to turn around and send that “invited refugee hero” back to his native land to face those same military mad dogs and wild wolves seems a bit inhumane, don’t you think, Canada? Sergeant Glass should take his case to the United Nations, as this is surely an international violation of human rights by Canada. If you are an American deserter or “war resister” BEWARE of Canada’s Open Arms. You cannot be guaranteed that you will receive that glorious welcome that awaited the Vietnam War deserters and draft dodgers of another era.

“I don’t think it is fair that I should be returned to the United States to face unjust punishment for doing what I felt morally obligated to do. I appeal to the Canadian people and the Canadian government to honor their tradition of respect for human rights and support my decision not to participate in this unjust war.” (Corey Glass Begs Canada to Rescind Deportation Order)

YouTube Clip – Canada Has Failed Corey Glass