“That One”

October 8, 2008

Slurring “The One” as “That One.” It’s Unforgivable!

Senator McCain forgot himself last night at the debate and slurred the divinity of “The One” as That One.”Certainly the mere mortal McCain has pled forgiveness by now for such blasphemy against “The One.” John McCain found himself debating a Supreme Being come to Earth to save us all, “The One,” known by the names Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, “The Kenyan,” President Obama, or just plain Barack. Please, Senator McCain, do not disrespect the divinity of such an Exalted Being and Gift to Mankind; do not refer to Him as That One.” Please remember, Supreme Beings have feelings too.

It shall be known that
In 2008 the world will be blessed.
They will call him THE ONE…
And he has anointed himself,
Ready to carry the burden of the world.
To quote Barack:
We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for.”
“I have become a symbol of America
returning to our best traditions.”

He can do no wrong…
Can you see the light?
And, the world shall receive his blessings.

John McCain says “The Devil made him do it.” Watch the video – he does look possessed. Go John Go. You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one.”


The UFO Wing of Democrats

October 30, 2007

The Dems Debate War, UFOs and the Federal Government’s Conspiracy against UFOs 

He is one honest man. He is a man of courage. And yes, although it is difficult to believe, he is a presidential politician. He believes in UFOs because he has seen one, and he is not afraid to admit it. While Hillary Clinton was speaking double-talk about one political issue after another, Dennis Kucinich never waffled and stood firm. When asked, he did not deny what he had seen. Whether you believe in UFOs or don’t believe in them, or whether you are an agnostic on the matter as Barrack Obama claimed to be, you have got to believe in Dennis Kucinich as the most honest Democrat of the gaggle.

Why the governor of Roswell, New Mexico immediately afterwards came on TV with Chris Matthews and sided with Congressman Kucinich, only his shrink knows for sure. Although Governor Richardson has never seen a UFO himself, he claimed that was only because of the massive federal government cover-up and conspiracy of the Bush regime to keep UFOs away from his New Mexico deserts.

WHOA – Katie. This is not your grandpa’s Democrat party. This is the Kucinich – Richardson UFO Wing. When Miss Hillary was asked by the media if one can now assume that Dennis Kucinich is nuts because he saw a UFO, the good lady Senator sharply replied: “of course not! Why assume he’s nuts because he thinks he saw a UFO, when there are so many other good reasons to think he’s nuts?”

And what does Dennis Kucinich think about President George W. Bush? Kucinich Thinks Bush Is The Real Whacko and Questions Bush’s Mental Health. HA!