Is ArcXIX the Hacker of Palin’s Emails?

September 18, 2008
Flickr Photograph

Is ArcXIX, Diarist of The Daily Kos, also the Hacker of Sarah Palin’s Emails?

Notice under “My Folders” in the left pane of this screenshot of the stolen email: “Emails for ARC.” Is this ARC the same ArcXIX we have already found doing Obama’s dirty work on the Internet?

Notice he changed her password at 4:23 AM. This is a federal crime in case anyone thinks it is fun and games.

If ArcXIX is the email hacker, we can help the FBI and Secret Service find the perp, as we have already identified him as Democrat supporter, Charles Hartley of Columbus, Ohio. (We Found ArcXIX.)

The hacked and stolen emails of Governor Sarah Palin were published at

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We Found ArcXIX!

September 7, 2008

The Mainstream Media’s Star Investigative Reporter Found Hiding In Google’s Cache!

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There can be little doubt that Daily Kos Diarist ArcXIX is 23-year-old Charles Hartley of Columbus, Ohio, as that is the name of the person going by the Internet identity of ArcXIX, who has been furiously scrubbing his web persona these last few days. However, Agent ArcXIX Charles Hartley was not able to scrub his Google cache. Thank God for Google.

I could not get my HP laptop to make screenshots of these webpages, so I was forced to snap them with my camera. Here they are! Agent Arc XIX has been furiously trying to delete his Internet identity since he was found publicly stoning a pregnant teenager last week. Apparently an horrific toll has been taken upon him during his days of hiding, as he has aged seventy years. He started out as 23-year-old Charles Hartley of Columbus, Ohio. Now he is a Nameless and Homeless 93-year-old who has been stripped of his AIM call sign. HOW SAD.

Google’s Cache of the Original Agent ArcXIX, Charles Hartley

Here is the current scrubbed page (until he removes it too) of Agent Arc Swift Jones, alias ArcXIX: ArcXIX has morphed into a homeless 93-year-old gamer. Notice the date that he last visited, August 31, 2008. That was exactly one day after Daily Kos contributor ArcXIX published photographs and outrageous lies about the minor teenage daughter of Governor Sarah Palin (The Daily Kos Cached). Although The Daily KOS has protected the identity of ArcXIX, Google’s cache clearly shows his sleazy trail of cover-up. Now we wait to see if justice will be meted out to those adults who stalk and abuse children on the Internet

93-Year-Old Homeless Gamer

The credit for finding ArcXIX goes to AnonymousGuy, who calculated the birth date of Charles Hartley as July 25-30, 1984.

Who Is ArcXIX?  Well, we now know, with little doubt, that ArcXIX is Obama Supporter Charles Hartley, age 23, of Columbus, Ohio, who is a diarist at the Daily KOS, who is relied upon as an investigative journalist by the mainstream media, who is a gamer at, and who likes to beat up on women, especially minor teenage girls.

“My suggestions to writers for smooth readings are: Cuss. A lot. Podcasting is freedom, and people enjoy a raunchy quip here and there. … Keep it loose, deliver often, and with some talent, you’ll have a worthwhile cast running in no time.” ~~Charles Harley, aka ArcXIX