A Very, Merry Barackmas

December 13, 2008
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You better watch out, you better not cry;
You better not shout, I’m telling you why;
The Chicago Machine is coming to town!

The Chicago Machine is coming to Washington! Why, you ask? Because the voters voted for them to come. The voters voted to CHANGE Washington. Here comes “change” you can believe in; “change” you can see, the “change” you’ve been wanting all the days of your lives.

The Chicago Machine Drives To Washingon

Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Machine

Obama and Blagojevich

The Obamas’ in Washington

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Obama – Lincoln ‘Decreed’ Thanksgiving

November 29, 2008

First off, what in God’s name is the “Office of the President Elect” and why is whatever it is compelled to issue weekly pronouncements to the huddled masses yearning to be free? According to the United States Constitution, we still have an elected, duly sworn President until noon, on January 20th, 2009. Barack Obama has neither been legally elected president by the “electors,” nor has he sworn to the oath mandated in Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. So why is he acting as though he is already President? It is most unseemly to say the least. Inauguration Day is not November 4th! It is January 20th as set by the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution, if that still be the law of the land.

Secondly, Mr. President Elect Who Cannot Wait His Time, President Abraham Lincoln did much mischief to this country, but he NEVER made a “First Thanksgiving Decree.” What kind of Day of Thanksgiving would it be if it had been decreed? Where does this word “decree” come from in a supposed government of the people? What President Lincoln did say when he made his Thanksgiving “Proclamation” was to mention blessings “gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American people.”

Thirdly, Mr. President Elect Obama, it was George Washington who “proclaimed” the first Thanksgiving, during his first year as President. He set aside Thursday, November 26 as “A Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer.” Signed by Washington on October 3, 1789, the “Proclamation” was entitled “General Thanksgiving,” and appointed the day “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanks-giving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God.”

Now, contrast those words of both Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as they “proclaimed” Thanksgiving Day, to those “decreed” by Barack Obama, before he has even been inaugurated President. Obama has decreed that Americans are to give thanks on this Thanksgiving Week-end for Him: So this weekend — with one heart, and one voice, the American people can give thanks that a new and brighter day is yet to come.”

The CHANGE we have been awaiting is a CHANGE to a brand new country – Obamerika, The Obama Nation, ruled by a Benevolent Narcissist, which is the “brighter day to come,” under Obama rule.

The Change We’ve Been Awaiting

November 5, 2008

“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”  It is an idea so old that millions of young Americans who voted for Barack Obama have never heard of it before, and believe it to be the CHANGE they have been awaiting. Obama Redefines Marxism.

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Hillary Clinton – Candidate of Change

January 6, 2008

“I have been a-changing for thirty-five years. There is no candidate more experienced than I – if it’s change you peons are a-wanting.”

I Am Hillary – Hear Me Shriek!

Wait a minute now, wait a minute. …  I want to MAKE change, but I’ve already MADE change. I will continue to make change.  I’m not just running on a promise of change. I’m running on thirty-five years of change.”

I am the most changed candidate in American history. If you want change – vote for the candidate who has proven to have already made the most changes – ME. “

You peons need “somebody who can deliver change.” Well — “look at the changes I’ve already made!” I will continue to change, as I am as always,  for thirty-five years, an agent of change.