Good News on Car Warranty Robo-Calls

May 21, 2009

Federal judge blocks ‘robo-calls’ selling car warranties!

Now if only that Federal Court would do something about the Virginia politicians who are ringing on my cell phone asking for my vote! Oh, how representative democracy has deteriorated in these last two centuries. What does it matter who I vote for? Look at California. If the people vote the “wrong” way, their votes are invalided.

I don’t care who wins elections anymore. There’s not a dimes worth of difference between an “R” or a “D” politician. Just stop ringing me on my cell phone. I don’t want to hear from you while I am negotiating traffic on the beltway, Mr. Politician.

Ryan J. Taylor and Paetec Communications


Paetec & Red Rock Communications

March 20, 2009

Who is  RYAN J. TAYLOR? He Harasses the Elderly Using Paetec Communications, INC of Clliffside, New Jersey and Red Rock Communications of South Dakota to make ROBOCALLS.  

Day in and day out, continually, I am being harassed in Virginia on my home telephone by Paetec Communications, INC. of New Jersey. The telephone calls that interrupt my peace are recordings warning me that my automobile warranty is about to expire. Each caller ID shows a different telephone number so that even when I block the last number called, Paetec Communications, INC continues to get through with a brand new number.

Here are reports from others about this same last phone number that came to me: Who Called Us from (201) 917-7312?  “19 calls reported from this number. According to 8 reports the identity of this caller is Red Rock Communications.”

Red Rock Communications is a despicable company that sells phony caller ID names and numbers to telemarketers – usually scammers – so you cannot see who is really telephoning your private telephone. Their website is The software they provide to their telemarketers enables scammers to call repeatedly from the same telephone by automatically changing its identification (Caller ID). Even though you block Anonymous Calls, and also the number of the last harassment call from Paetec Communications, Inc., Red Rock Communications enables them to call you again, and again with a new Caller ID each time. I am receiving about ten calls a week. What a piece of SLIMEY work is this Ryan J. Taylor and his Red Rock Communications of South Dakota!

Red Rock Communications, LLC

Corporate ID DL012778
Incorporation/Qualification Date 12/22/2006
Home State SD
Status Good Standing
Last Annual Report 12/01/2008
NOTE:This is not an official document
Registered Agent Name & Address


Call: 1-507-399-0816
Red Rock Communications, LLC calls from 3 phone numbers:

201-917-7304 201-917-7300 201-917-7312

These are the thirteen phone numbers that have been reported as harrassment calls to Who Called Us: 213-416-2884, 213-416-2885, 801-623-4623, 213-416-2888, 213-416-2889, 201-917-7304, 201-917-7301, 201-917-7300, 201-917-7305, 201-917-7310, 201-917-7303, 978-570-2212, 201-917-7312.

Here is the website of Red Rock Communications: where their logo is “We add the Name to Numbers!”

Red Rock Communications offers Caller Id Name and Number to large volume calling applications. This product works great for :

· Call Centers

· Telemarketing companies

· Auto dialers

· Predictive dialers

· Calling card Applications

There is no need to buy hardware or software for this product. You can perform calls just like you do today using our numbers and earn revenue in return. Call centers can earn revenue up to $50,000.00 a month depending on call volume.

We Add Caller Name to our numbers and compensate you for queries that people see. It helps your product and you get paid!

Junk Cell Phone Calls Should be Illegal.

Great thanks accrue to WhoCalled.Us for the invaluable service they provide regarding junk telephone calls. Why do not the U.S. Attorney General and the Attorney Generals of New Jersey, South Dakota and Virginia investigate this harassment and blatant violation of the National Do Not Call List?

The Clintons and the Gullible Elderly

May 30, 2007

If you are one of the “Elderly Gullible”, who believe that your luck can change, Bill Clinton is looking for you.

Apparently, the American people just don’t pay their ex-presidents enough. Take the case of EX Bill Clinton. Right out of the gate after eight years of White House pampering, former president  Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 for a speech given to InfoUSA in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, he has continued on their payroll.

So …, you ask, what’s wrong with the former Prez garnering a little extra dough? Nothing I guess when you are a Clinton and your opus moderandi is to gain wealth and power on the backs of the poor, minorities and elderly. According to The New York Times, InfoUSA exists to compile and market lists that contain names of elderly people who would be likely to respond to unscrupulous scams.  They actually divide such vulnerable elderly targets into categories. The New York Times reports that Bill Clinton’s InfoUSA describes their “Elderly Gullible” targets thusly:

  • Elderly Opportunity Seekers — 3.3 million older people “looking for ways to make money
  • Suffering Seniors — 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Oldies but Goodies — 500,000 gamblers over age fifty-five

The New York Times profiled one unfortunate 92-year-old who entered a InfoUSA sweep-stake. He innocently provided personal information which was then sold to the predator market. After responding to their telemarketing calls, his entire life savings was stolen from his account at Wachovia Bank. This was just one instance of criminal telemarketing practices that were repeated all over Bill and Hillary Clinton’s America, using lists supplied by InfoUSA.

InfoUSA is run by FOB (remember that term?) Vinod “Vin” Gupta, a native of Rampur, India who has slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, and says he donated $1,000,000 to the Clinton Library. That one mill was peanuts compared to what he paid for Hillary Clinton’s Millennium New Year’s Eve bash.  Her party cost $16 million and Gupta donated $2 million, and you, Mr. and Ms. Liberal were not even invited. That is because to the Clintons, you are the “Gullible Liberals.”

Junk Cell Phone Calls

May 26, 2007

Why am I receiving  junk phone calls to my cell phone?

  • I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!
  • I am NOT a business person, nor do I have a job or employment.
  • I have NEVER given out my cell phone number. Only my husband and five other family members know my number, and it is only  used to call me for important family matters.  

How did “” find my number, and why do they harass me, a senior citizen, when I am driving on the Washington Beltway at 60 miles per hour to offer me $200 for free? I do not want $200! I want only to be able to drive around the beltway safely and return home without losing control of my vehicle. I never gave permission for them to call my cell phone. What kind of company are they, anyway? I have a street address and mail delivered to my house everyday. I have a home phone, which is also on the “Do Not Call List” and I have seven e-mail addresses, all of which do a good job of SPAM filtering.

Instead of using those traditional methods of communicating business offers, Kim at Focus Anywhere left a message on my mobile phone, telling me to call her at 1 800 544-1494, extension 114. When I did not respond to claim my free $200, Focus Anywhere phoned again a few days later, which was today at 1:20 pm. Why cannot I be allowed to have a personal cell phone used only by me and my family? My question is answered at their web site:

“How did you get my name and phone number?

Your name – like almost everyone’s name – appears on a number of mailing lists. We purchase directory lists, magazine subscription lists, phone book listings, and other lists that we think include the type of people we want to include in a particular focus group.”

I phoned the JUNK PHONE CALL’s number on my Caller ID (918 665-3311) and in fact a live person answered. I inquired about how my private mobile number was obtained by them and was told that it was “computer generated”. But isn’t it against U.S. law for telemarketers to “computer generate” cell phone numbers and phone them? Oh yes indeed, however, is NOT a telemarketing company, which means that neither the “NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY” nor the “computer generated” U.S. law apply to Focus Anywhere. You see, … is not selling anything. In fact, Focus Anywhere is paying me to call me: “Didn’t we promise you $200?” Oh!! How stupid of me to think that the “National DO NOT CALL LIST” meant “DO NOT CALL!”

Here are other Junk Phone Calls I have received since May 15th 2007. I have tried phoning back to these numbers, but they do not work. They can phone me – but I cannot phone them; it’s known as the “Fairness Doctrine of Telemarketing.”

  • 703 190-6496
  • 514 958-0000
  • 442 075-260330 (No, I do not understand the extra digits. It must be part of the mystery of telemarketing.)

Here is a site where you may be able to find who called you if you have the telephone number. You can at least register the number as a junk telemarketer: