Hip Hop Republican

November 3, 2008

I pray that this hip-hopper doesn’t end up having a FATWA calling for his death from Obama-leaning Radio KGO San Francisco, as has just happened to Joe the Plumber. After all, the little guys are supposed to be for the Democrats who are going to protect them from those mean and wascally Republicans. Who does this Hip-Hopper think he is running away from their Race Card Plantation? This video has over 4,000 comments at YouTube, most of them using vulgar, unspeakable language against him for his political views and religious beliefs. Why cannot black people be free thinkers in America without being condemned?

The Corrupt American Media

October 20, 2008

There is no longer a “Mainstream Media.” It has become the CORRUPT Media – of, by and for Al Obama!

How long can democracy survive with a dishonest and corrupt media in America, as we see today, with the New York Times, NBC, ABC, MSNBC? NOT LONG! You can get fairer news from the Aljazeera Network than from almost any American press, including The Washington Post, the network and cable television channels, and especially The corrupt New York Times. The corrupt American media wants Barack Obama to win this election and they will spread lies and untruths about his opposition to accomplish that goal. It is tragic for America. While Barack Obama’s A.C.O.R.N. goes about stealing your votes, the New York Times tells you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with A.C.O.R.N., but that John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, who is not running for any office, is a real skank. That is how corrupt the New York Times is! Then there are the corrupt TV Networks, CNN and MSNBC and others, who quote the Republican VP candidate as saying things and doing things she has never done. In other words, the corrupt American media LIES, again and again, to the people they should be serving!

When an ordinary American citizen or voter, such as Joe the Plumber, asks a question of the media’s anointed candidate, Barack Obama, the corrupt press begins a full blown investigation of the plumber’s entire personal and occupational life and belittles him for daring to question Al Obama. Yet, the corrupt media never investigates the actual candidate running for the highest office in the land. Is that corruption? YOU BET!

“That One”

October 8, 2008

Slurring “The One” as “That One.” It’s Unforgivable!

Senator McCain forgot himself last night at the debate and slurred the divinity of “The One” as That One.”Certainly the mere mortal McCain has pled forgiveness by now for such blasphemy against “The One.” John McCain found himself debating a Supreme Being come to Earth to save us all, “The One,” known by the names Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, “The Kenyan,” President Obama, or just plain Barack. Please, Senator McCain, do not disrespect the divinity of such an Exalted Being and Gift to Mankind; do not refer to Him as That One.” Please remember, Supreme Beings have feelings too.

It shall be known that
In 2008 the world will be blessed.
They will call him THE ONE…
And he has anointed himself,
Ready to carry the burden of the world.
To quote Barack:
We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for.”
“I have become a symbol of America
returning to our best traditions.”

He can do no wrong…
Can you see the light?
And, the world shall receive his blessings.

John McCain says “The Devil made him do it.” Watch the video – he does look possessed. Go John Go. You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one.”

Nigeria to Rescue Wall Street

September 29, 2008

Did You Get This Message, American Taxpayer?

Flickr Photograph
The image, Wall Street Bailout as Nigerian Spammer message. Not funny, but funny. (thx mike.d), is subject to copyright by dpstyles™. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.


SNL – Women are Jokes

September 14, 2008

But Not Barack Obama!

Is is not interesting that mainstream television comics have not the least fear of ridiculing two women candidates for the 2008 election, while they tremble with trepidation lest their indelicate jokes offend the delicate psyche of Senator Obama.

What is the difference? The late nights comics say that Barack Obama is just not funny so that is why they don’t tell jokes about him, while pounding on McCain, Palin, Clinton and Joe Biden. Since when was Hillary Clinton ever funny? Do you really think that is the reason? Or is it that the other candidates, including the women, are just plain tougher than Barack Obama, and everyone knows it.

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Kerfuffles ’08

August 30, 2008

And Coming Up From Behind.” This presidential candidate is wholeheartedly endorsed by Kerfuffles.

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A Nation Healed! A World Repaired! We are “The One” We’ve been waiting for.

A light will shine down … you will experience an epiphany and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Kerfuffles.”

I have become a symbol of America returning to Her best traditions.

This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

A leader that God has blessed us with at this time.” ~~Nancy Pelosi

KERFUFFLES – She is “THE ONE” and She is ready to lead.

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Lovin’ Barack

August 22, 2008

Do You Feel the Thrill Going Up Your Leg, as does Chris Matthews? Do you experience Biblical “DELIVERANCE” when you gaze upon him, as Chris does? Do your knees quake? According to America’s mainstream media – Barack Obama is “A Gift from the World to Us.”

We are told by the media that the Europeans love him! Oh dear, what will those Euro-weenies and the In-the-Tank media say of us voting Americans when we DON’T vote their beloved in as President? They will say we are naught but a bunch of racist rubes, mark my word.

Help for John Edwards

August 10, 2008

John Edwards, stuck in a bathroom, calls Bill Clinton and the Cheat Team.

99% of the Democrats give the rest a bad name. Ditto for the American media. 😉

Red Meat for Fogies?

July 23, 2008

Anyone Get It?

Why Can’t the English Be More Like the Portuguese?

May 17, 2008

Reform “Spells” Big Changes for Britain

Prime Minister Gordon Brown supported the reform as did Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

Britain’s parliament has voted to introduce contentious changes to their English language in order to spell hundreds of words the American way; thereby bringing their antiquated language into the modern era.

The agreement standardizes (not standardises) numerous spellings and adds three new letters – o, z and er – to the alphabet. A large majority of Britain’s lawmakers backed government proposals to phase in the changes during the next six years.

But a petition against the move was signed by 33,000 Britons and 100,000 Canadians who argue it is a capitulation to America’s already too powerful influence upon the English-speaking world. Proponents counter the move will make the English language more uniform globally, making such things as internet searches and legal documents easier to understand.

The agreement will standardize spelling by spelling “standardise” as it should be spelled (not spelt) – “standardize.” The new agreement will remove the stilted “ou” in order for words to be spelled (not spelt) more phonetically, turning, for example “Labour” (such as ‘The Labour Party’) into “Labor”. Henceforth, and forever more, the unpronounceable “re” at the ending of words will be transformed to “er”, as it should be. There are no “theatres” in American, only “theaters.”

Friday’s vote came after a unified form of the old English language was originally agreed with seven old English-speaking countries in 1991.

The official language of more than 300 million people worldwide, American is spoken in the United States of America, including all of its territories. In addition, American is not only the language of global business, it is the language of world-wide art, science, and literature. American is the second language for virtually all inhabitants of the globe who have a second language, including some Britons. Even the French, when forced to speak a second tongue, always choose American over English.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the British Parliament are expected to ratify the accord, with the blessing of the Queen, who has agreed, with the stipulation that “The Queen’s English” henceforth be awarded the status of a National Treasure.

With apologies from Kerfuffles to BBC News, and asking “Why can’t the British be more like the Portuguese?”