Parents put pressure on Nickelodeon’s advertisers

Parents – Don’t let your children watch Nickelodeon! They will grow up to be vulgar misogynists like Nickelodeon employee Jason Biggs.


2 Responses to Parents put pressure on Nickelodeon’s advertisers

  1. Kayla.J says:

    Dear, Nick I live in Canada, when I get up everyday and turn to nick I always see Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies, Team Umoonzi and Spongebob I was wondering why you guys don’t play Victorious, ICarly , How to Rock and Big Time Rush ! you guys should play more of those shows: Victorious, ICarly, How to Rock and BTR, from 9am 6:40pm like Victorious 9-11am ICarly 11-2pm How to Rock 2-4pm and Big Time Rush 4-6:40pm .
    Okay, Please understand that I’m very upset because all the boring episodes and shows come on! you views probably raise higher when you air these shows for example if your views were 85.3 Million when you air Victorious, ICarly, How to Rock and BTR . And your views without those 4 shows airing 23.1 Million see the difference people like to watch these shows not just Bubble Guppies, Max and Ruby, Dora, Diego, Team Umoozoni , Little einsteins and SpongebBob! PLEASE REPLY OR I WILL CALL YOUR COMPANY AND TALK PERSONAL WITH THEM!!!!

  2. Kayla . J says:

    Like maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday (day and evening) Sunday. You can play Victorious, ICarly, How to Rock and BTR every monday, wednesday, friday and Sunday and play Spongebob and dora on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Deal!

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