Chris Christie and the Teachers

A New Jersey Teachers Union official tries to apologize to Governor Chris Christie for sending out an email advising New Jersey teachers to pray. Imagine that! A Union official telling teachers to pray to God. What were they told to pray for? Higher pay, more vacations, better health benefits? Oh Lordy, Lord NO! The Teachers Union told its members to pray for the DEATH of Governor Christie. This is Governor Christie’s response and shows why he is such a great leader.


One Response to Chris Christie and the Teachers

  1. aview999 says:

    Hey Kerfuffle! Your name was brought up at Palingates today as being the FIRST BLOGGER EVER to bring up Palin’s faked Pregnancy. In fact, you are THE VERY REASON that Americans outside of Alaska ever even heard of IT.
    We’re just wondering how your doing … and what your thoughts are “3 years after the fact”.
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    A Palingater

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