Tu Quoque Scottish Style

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Big Headed Scottish Highlander practicing Tu Quoque.

“How do you like my new hat, Mr. Scotland? By Jove, what ridiculously gigantic headgear you women like to wear.” 

If the Scots are so damn smart and invented the world and all that hooey, how come they cannot speak and reason logicially? Criticize something such as their freeing of a convicted mass murderer and their response is “yo mama’s worse.” There is a name for their logic and it is “Tu Quoque.” It’s the “two wrongs make a right fallacy.” “Yes, Scotland let a killer go, but the U.S. invaded Iraq, so we’re both right.” It is Scottish logic and if you do not accept it, you are persecuted as another stupid ____ing American. Makes one want to visit Ireland on one’s next vacation. Scots hate the Irish even more than they hate Americans. They do love their Colonel Gaddafi and his Libyan oil fields, though.  Tu Quoque.

Great Scots No More

The image, Tu Quoque, is subject to copyright by Edna Barney. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.


4 Responses to Tu Quoque Scottish Style

  1. Sprezzatura says:

    Hi Edna,

    Interesting post on Tu Quoque; not a phrase I have come across before.

    The Wikipedia article leads me to question just who (you or the Scots you have been arguing with) is demonstrating Tu Quoque. Your continuing unwillingness to acknowledge plain fact is all that allows you to think that you are not.

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    I do not practice tu quoque! I do not believe that two wrongs make a right. I do not say that because an American warship accidentally downs an Iranian airliner, makes it morally just for Libyans to bomb an American airliner out of the sky over Scotland. It is you and the Scots who say that.

    You people love to get on your high horses about mistakes made by George W. Bush & the American military. You won’t admit that it is the American military that is defending the entire free world. Yes, our military flubs it at times – that is the nature of war. War is hell, something most of you no longer understand.

  3. Sprezzatura says:

    Edna, Edna… you are beginning to lose your cool here. Calm down.

    You are putting a lot of words in other people’s mouths. I don’t know anybody who thinks that the downing of Iran Air 655 meant that it was morally acceptable to down PanAm 103; however, you will find plenty of people who believe that the USS Vincennes accident is why it happened.

    The downing of Iran Air 655 and the appalling way in which it was handled by the USA (ie. No apology and medals for all those involved) continues to be a rallying call to radical Muslims. You yourself called it an accident – so why couldn’t your country have apologised and maybe quietly given out medals for tours of duty a few years later?

    As I have said before – we are on the same team. Without US involvement in WW2 the outcome would have been very different, even if you did take your time ;).

    And I know plenty about war – two grandfathers that fought the Nazis and a brother in the Royal Air Force.

    As someone who regards the USA I don’t even want to be talking about Iran Air 655 – the only reason that it has come up in all of this is your tu quoque over the #Boycottscotland nonsense.

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Ross – I have nothing to do with Boycott Scotland. If American tourists decide to go to Ireland instead of Scotland, as I am planning for my next vacation, that is their freedom. I don’t drink Johnnie Walker so Scotland won’t lose any money there because of me. I’ve already purchased all the kilts and gillies I need for a lifetime, so, that leaves only Walker’s shortbread which I shouldn’t be eating anyway. I’m going to buy my gas at Exxon/Mobil mainly because I’m a shareholder.

    Yes, I’ve lost my “cool” but that is only because I am human and became enraged at those Internet Scots who attacked me with vicious name-calling because I expressed my opinion. I’ve noticed that other Twittering women have made their accounts private because of demeaning expletives they were called by Scottish men.

    As I wrote, it is very easy for European countries to sit back while America’s Navy protects their interests and then condemn that same Navy when something goes wrong. Of course Europe’s lovely hands are pure & white, as they have not accepted the moral duty to perform what America does. Our young people do the dirty work for the Free World, in environments so tense and dangerous, such as a U.S. Navy warship, that you Europeans have not a clue what is going on. But you all certainly know how to condemn America and our warriors.

    Well guess what? America’s military power is waning. The people of America are wanting to be like Europeans – Socialists. They don’t want to be paying for an expensive defense program. They want goodies, not warships & canons from their government. America’s military will probably never be rebuilt. Then who will be our protectors against the uncivilized hordes that want us enslaved or dead? Answer: It won’t matter as we will be them.

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