Magic of the Marketplace

The Magic of the Marketplace Exists No More. The dream of Ronald Reagan is dead. We now live in the nightmare of Democrat rule, where little kings and godlings play legos with “We the People.”

Yesterday I pondered Ronald Reagan’s words “magic of the marketplace.” I asked how and why did our Magical Marketplace become a den of liars, crooks and thieves? Today, reading “The Anchoress,” I find my question answered. I find that it is “We the People” who have destroyed the Magic Marketplace by electing and reelecting liars, crooks and cheats to Washington to oversee “We the People’s” Magic Marketplace and prevent it from becoming infested and run by liars, crooks and criminals.

“The Anchoress” reminds me of our new president, Barack “just words” Obama, who speaks of American dreams as he tries his level best to limit them. She reminds me of Representative Barney Frank now telling free Americans how their salaries should be limited, yet when his “good friend,” the corporate executive, was driving Fannie Mae into the ground, only the sky was the limit for him. I am reminded of rich Senator John Kerry worrying that Americans are too “free to invest their money where ever they want,” at the same time he and those in power have rewarded those who brought down Wall Street with overseer positions in the new government. (Yes, I know, Bush did the same thing.) And then there is the “Senior Senator” from New York, Chuck Schumer, displaying his contempt for the voters for asking how much pork spending is in the bill that their grandchildren are expected to pay off.

The Anchoress describes the leaders “We the People” have chosen to lead us as Corrupt and singular, many of these little kings and godlings serve themselves, alone, and merely play Legos with the rest of us.” AMEN!

Where do any of these “public servants” – who have either grown wealthy on the public purse or used their wealth to purchase of their office, or have used their office to protect their wealth – get off telling can-do Americans how much they can earn? How dare they begin to dismantle The American Dream, or to discourage the sort of dreaming that made America an exceptional nation of limitless possibility? How dare they – who aspire not to serve but to rule, create destructive, “historic and transformational” 1200-page bills behind closed doors and show them to lobbyists before they show them to legislators or the American public they are supposed to be “serving.”

These majority Democrats seem bent on having Americans labor only for the federal collective, and not for themselves. The already-have’s don’t much care about about anyone else’s dreams.

Now we read that Bill Clinton, desperate for some attention, is joining in on the cheap “end free speech as we know it” campaign that is distinctly the province of the left – the “tolerant” people who would censor a different point of view. They’ll try to regulate free speech on the internet, soon enough.

No good will come of any of this, and we have no free press, questioning anything.

America has long-attracted dreamers who understood that here there was an abundance of freedom and opportunity, and plenty of room to dream.

Our currently “leadership” want to apportion dreams, and make sure no one is dreaming too much. They – our betters – will do our dreaming for us. They can only handle one dream at a time, though, and right now that dream is socialism and silence, of a decidedly rigid and totalitarian bent.

5 Responses to Magic of the Marketplace

  1. kt says:

    It is easy to blame the masses. But that is blaming the victims, really. The people are compelled to send their children to “educational” centers where they are stripped of the traditions and values (religion) of parents and converted to state worship. This is all thoroughly documented by C. Iserbyt and Samuel Blumenfeld, among others. John Dewey, widely hailed as the father of modern schooling openly called for the forced conversion of children for the good of “society”. This conversion to state worship includes dumbing down (Dewey explained the need for an uneducated class to do work at which educated folks would balk), behavioral training to encourage a herd mentality and fear of acting outside of what most folks are doing (the reason for endless polls in the media to clue folks in to what is considered acceptable “mainstream” behavior/thought). Close the government schools and end the state seizure of private property held for rent (“property taxes”) and the situation would greatly improved.
    Incidentally, Ronald Reagan talked the talk but did not walk the walk. Ron Paul did and does.

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    The trouble with Ron Paul’s ideas is that only the educated can understand them. It is much easier for the masses to jump onto the band wagon of a charismatic and handsome Rock Star and chant and sing hopeful words – O-BAM-A. With 18-year-olds and illegals voting multiple times, courtesy of federally sponsored ACORN, a Congress elected for life, and insidious corruption everywhere, there is little hope that reason will prevail, short of Revolution.

  3. kt says:

    >>>The trouble with Ron Paul’s ideas is that only the educated can understand them.<<<<

    You make my point for me. People had to be dumbed down as children before they could be robbed of their heritage of liberty and reduced to pagan government worshippers. The American adoption of the Prussian school model is the problem, not the “masses”.
    Obama required massive positive propaganda in the MSM to get elected (and is probably the reason for the appointment of Zionistic Rahm Emmanuel to chief of staff in a quid pro quo), Ron Paul was nearly completely blacklisted and marginalized once the primaries began. It is not that people couldn’t understand him, people were not allowed to HEAR him and were repeatedly cued by “experts” to ignore him as “fringe” (yes, the Constitution is now “fringe”). RP’s message is very simple and common sensical.

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Everyone who was NOT supporting Barrack Obama was “completely blacklisted and (or) marginalized once the primaries began” – even including Hillary Clinton, by America’s mainstream press which blatantly colluded with the Obama campaign, which collusion is continuing as of today.

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