Obama, He’s NO Caroline Kennedy “You Know”

Obama Speaks – But He’s NO Caroline Kennedy! He’s worse! But no one’s brave enough to tell him!

It is one good thing for Barack Obama that he was not born a woman like “You Know” Caroline Kennedy. He would be burnt toast, “You Know.”  Obama would never have survived the vetting to be appointed a Senator, much less become the President of the United States of America, “You Know.” Three “Uhs” and Four “You Knows” in just fourteen seconds sets a world record that even Ms. Kennedy has never beaten. It must be their uppercrusted Harvard University education, that most of the rest of us lack.

WOW! We got us such an articulate “UH” President, who would ever “UH” ‘misunderestimate’ him, “You Know?”

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 Barack Obama to the Press: “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, ‘UH’ … ‘You Know.'”

2 Responses to Obama, He’s NO Caroline Kennedy “You Know”

  1. nagaijin says:

    Now if he’d gone to Yale,like George Bush and three generations of his east-coast, old-money relatives, Obama would have the sense to sit there with a blank look on his face (taking time out to mangle a speech now and then) while his vice-president ran the country for eight years. Don’t they teach anything at Harvard? You betcha they don’t (wink!).

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    George W. Bush went to both Yale and Harvard. Yale is far more prestigious a school than Harvard. Almost anyone can get into Harvard.

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