George Bush Childhood Home

Flickr Photograph

This was the Midland, Texas home of two American Presidents, one American Governor, and one First Lady from 1951 to late 1955. Located at 1412 West Ohio Avenue, the home is approximately 1400 square feet and largely unchanged since 1956. The George W. Bush Childhood Home.

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2 Responses to George Bush Childhood Home

  1. nagaijin says:

    How small, how humble. Luckily, they had that family estate in Kennebunkport , Maine, that they could visit every summer!

  2. neddy says:

    I think the Walker’s Point home in Maine belonged to the parents of George H.W. Bush. He perhaps inherited it or purchased it when they died. The entire Bush family used it as a family compound in the summer, as the Walker family had done before them.

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