Obama Pokes Fun at Washington’s Snow and Ice

January 28, 2009

You can take the Obama out of Chicago, but you cannot take the Obama out of Obama. Obama is a combination of Arrogance, Hubris and Ignorance.

After his daughters got a snow day Wednesday, President Barack Obama said that he wants Washington to show some “flinty, Chicago toughness.” Double WOW! One week in town and he’s already preaching to the people who voted overwhelmingly for him – his now hometown. This screed comes from someone who doesn’t have to drive anywhere in the ice and snow – much less drive to work. Where’s the compassion man, for those who do have to drive on streets that suddenly become sheets of ice between the melting and thawing temperatures? WTOP.com

Obama seems not changed at all from his younger days he wrote about in his books, when he was living in New York City and critiquing the natives there. They were so bourgeois that “We’d Laugh at the Faces.” He and his buddies entertained themselves laughing at the upper-class “white people from the better neighborhoods” because they were actually following the rules of the community in which they lived. Obama wrote it in his own words in “Dreams From My FatherBarack Obama Book,” pages 3, 4.

“I’d usually stop to talk to the boys who hung out on the stoop all summer long about the Knicks or the gunshots they’d heard the night before. When the weather was good, my roommate and I might sit out on the fire escape to smoke cigarettes and study the dusk washing blue over the city, or watch white people from the better neighborhoods nearby walk their dogs down our block to let the animals shit on our curbs — ‘Scoop the poop, you bastards!’my roommate would shout with impressive rage and we’d laugh at the faces of both master and beast, grim and unapologetic as they hunkered down to do the deed. I enjoyed such moments –” ~~Barack Obama in “Dreams From My Father,” pages 3, 4.)

Obama has probably already started writing his latest book: “Dreams from My Father for Washington – No Mo’ Snow Days.”

America’s New Theme Song

January 28, 2009

FORGET ‘My Country Tis of Thee.’ America’s new song is “PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN.”

Corporations do it, banks do it, Wall Street’s a doing it, so why not us working stiffs? March on Washington and surround the White House, chanting to Mr. Obama: “PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN.” Afterall, Obama loves chants, doesn’t he? Do you think we can enlist “The Boss” Mr. Springsteen as our leader?

Don’t worry about that nasty threat of  “go to jail.” That’ll never happen again, as our great new leader of America’s Treasury and Income Tax Departments, Timothy Geithner, has shown by example. Secretary of the Treasury Geithner says to follow his lead and don’t bother paying your taxes. “Go to jail” ain’t never gonna happen no more. The worst to expect is that you may be asked to fill a high-paying, fat cat goverment position – like Secretary of the Treasury, in charge of the IRS. OH GLORY!


January 26, 2009

America is in such terrible shape because the American electorate is dumb and uneducated, the American media are disgracefully corrupt and ignore their Constitutional role, our political leaders are self-serving and inept, or dishonest, our business leaders are crooks and the administrators of America’s banking system are swindlers. Thankfully, OBAMUNISM has arrived just in time to save us. OBAMUNISM is a combination of communism, socialism, and Marxism implemented and overseen by the Alpha and Omega of our time, our beloved Messiah, Barack Obama.

I know it is true as I read it in an advertisement on Facebook for tee-shirts.

Helen Thomas – She’s Back

January 25, 2009
Flickr Photograph

She’s Back!

The image, Helen Thomas, is subject to copyright by tittletattle. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.

Crazy Aunts of the White House Society

Helen Thomas and Bill Clinton

Who’s Whiny and Crazy?

Paying Taxes Is Voluntary

January 24, 2009

Great News! Change Has Arrived. It is Change You Can Believe In!
The American government does not FORCE you to pay taxes. Paying taxes is voluntary.

The Senate Majority Leader of the United States Congress, Senator Harry Reid, says that paying taxes is NOT mandatory for Americans. It is voluntary.

Facebook for Idiots

January 23, 2009

Facebook Scams For Idiots

Facebook applications are mostly designed for idiots. When I first joined Facebook, because I love genealogy, I got involved with the Family Tree Application. It was so difficult to set up, entering all of my ancestors and relatives, that I have hesitated to delete it, as I have already done with most of the other applications I had set up. After doing all of that setting up, I cannot use the Family Tree App as it is more difficult to edit than it was to set up. Who has that much time to tinker?

The Facebook applications that I use that I find worthwhile, good and not idiotic are Stanza, Twitter, Photos, Portable Reading, Posted Items and Notes. Groups, Events, Picnik, WordPress and Gifts seem to be okay although I’ve not used them much.

I have come to despise  all of those Facebook applications that come to you as “Invitations from your Friends.” You feel the need to honor your friends, so you respond. Then when you allow your “friends’ application” to access your information, the first thing it does is to go in and grab the names of all of your friends and mass spam them with the very same “Invitations from your Friends” that you just received. Only this time, your name is on it as the sender. I HATE, HATE, HATE them for doing that! Those applications that do not Mass Spam have a different ploy. You need to enter your cell phone number to get the response that they tell you is awaiting you from your friend. Once you give that information, then you are told that $9.95 will be charged to your cell phone. Oh cool! Well, I have been getting wiser and warier with these tricky FaceBook apps.

Back to the “Family Tree” application. I’m a genealogist, so I couldn’t resist. First mistake! It could be fun, but it is instead bogus. Everytime I go to edit it, there is a “flashing” message, such as today’s “You Have Two Secred Admirers. Click to Find Out Who They Are.” So, idiot that I am, I click. Next the Family Tree App wants to know whether I am male or female, before they give me the messages from my secret admirers. Next step, it will cost me $9.95 to retrieve each one of the “Secret Admirer Messages.” I’m only a little stupid – I’m not THAT stupid!

Oh FaceBook, Grow Up Before I Really Get Ticked and Leave You For Good!
Edna Barney's Facebook profile

Obama, He’s NO Caroline Kennedy “You Know”

January 23, 2009

Obama Speaks – But He’s NO Caroline Kennedy! He’s worse! But no one’s brave enough to tell him!

It is one good thing for Barack Obama that he was not born a woman like “You Know” Caroline Kennedy. He would be burnt toast, “You Know.”  Obama would never have survived the vetting to be appointed a Senator, much less become the President of the United States of America, “You Know.” Three “Uhs” and Four “You Knows” in just fourteen seconds sets a world record that even Ms. Kennedy has never beaten. It must be their uppercrusted Harvard University education, that most of the rest of us lack.

WOW! We got us such an articulate “UH” President, who would ever “UH” ‘misunderestimate’ him, “You Know?”

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 Barack Obama to the Press: “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, ‘UH’ … ‘You Know.'”