Organic Melamine?

Is that soy meal made from “organic” melamine?

I think I once advised here “If you are going to give it to a child, eat it or feed it to a pet – don’t buy it from China.” Now I think I must change that admonition a bit to “If you are going to give it to a child, eat it or feed it to any ANIMAL – don’t buy it from China.” This comes on the heels of news reports that organic poultry farmers are buying food for their chickens from China.

First off, although China makes some find products, there can be absolutely NO guarantee that ANYTHING from China is “organic!” Chinese food manufacturers do not follow rules; they label their products to sell, not to inform truth. Why they even “intentionally” added melamine to their own baby formula to make it more profitable to sell (Poison Milk). So if you think you are going to get “Kosher” food from China, think again. You will probably get a pork-laden meat product with a “Kosher” label. Can America’s organic farmers feed their animals meal imported from China and still label the resulting meat “Organic?” I hope not, but I do not really know. At least farmers can do this in France, according to this news: Melamine Found Contaminating Soy Meal Fed to Organic Chickens.

Do you know what you are eating and where it came from? How about your organic chickens and beef products that you are paying double for? Is that melamine meal those animals eat “organic?”


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