Who Is This Guy?

And … What Is an “Office of the President-Elect?”

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President-Elect Barack Obama is not only history’s first black President-Elect, he is also the first President-Elect to create his own office, the Office of the President-Elect.

What is “The Office of the President-Elect?” I cannot find any mention of it in the United States Constitution, so I went to the legislation regarding the President-Elect.

I read the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (3 USC 102 note) and it describes the “Office of the President” and the transition of power, but NOWHERE did I find any mention of an “Office of the President-Elect.” If anyone can find with what authority the President-Elect was able to create the “Office of the President-Elect,” fully adorned with American flags which Candidate Obama eschewed during the election, please let us know about it. The Presidential Transition Act cited above mentions (one time) only “transition teams” of the President and Vice President Elects. Sorry, no such office as “Office of the President Elect.”

Here is George Bush’s Executive Order, dated October 2008, which also mentions NOTHING (as in ZILCH) about an “Office of the President Elect:”

So what’s with this Obama guy? He cannot wait two months until he is properly elected by his electors, and swears to the oath as spelled out in Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution? So why is he acting as though he is already President and treating the current Constitutional President, George Bush, as chopped liver?

Who is this guy? Why would he display the Presidential Seal as his own before he is even legally President. Or is this seal the Great Seal of the President-Elect, which no one has ever heard of before? Is this arrogant behaviour typical of an out of control narcissist? This guy is going to wear out his welcome before he is even sworn into office. Oh, I forgot. He’s the Messiah and things are different for HIM. He probably won’t even have to swear an oath.

Bells and Whistles, But No Authority


One Response to Who Is This Guy?

  1. Lisa says:

    I think that this truly demonstrates the arrogance of Barack Obama. Until he takes the oath of office, he has no legitimate claim to begin using the seal of the Office of the President in any manner. Would you use your company logo and send out correspondence before your first day at work? I think not. It’s also disrespectful to the current President. He is promoting his work as official acts by aligning them with a fictitious “Office”. Where does this guy get off? I sincerely hope that US tax dollars are not funding any of this fictitious office since it’s not a constitutionally created office. I guess once the “Messiah” was elected, he thought he had a right to everything. We are in deep trouble and he hasn’t even started his term yet.

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