If McCain Had Won –

It would NOT have been a good thing. Why do I think that it was a blessing in disguise that John McCain and Sarah Palin lost at the polls on November 4th, 2008? This video is why:

The above video is just one example of what is happening in California and other Western States to people who went to the polls, voting their consciences, expecting to participate in American democracy. These American terrorists in the video demonstrating their “insane rage” are Democrats who lost at the ballot box. If you found it troubling to have the term “RACIST” hurled at you for voting Republican during the 2008 election, think of what would be happening now, if Republicans had won. You would need police protection, if you could find it, to walk on city streets. You would be closing down your businesses. You would be in a heap of hurt if John McCain had won. Democrats, as proved by this video and many other videos, would NEVER, ever have accepted that your vote was valid. You would have been a Messiah-killer forever, instead of just a poor pitiful and misguided Republican, as you are now.

As it is, Barack Obama is your President and 52% of America is jubilant. Those who believe in His message of Socialism and His Redistribution of wealth believe in Him, even though you do not nor do you accept Him as your Messiah. You and your side have lost, and Conservatives and Republicans have NO chance to ever regain the Presidency nor the Congress in your lifetime. After-all, Obama will be selecting future Supreme Court justices and the Congress will vote themselves two more Democrat Senators when Washington DC becomes a state.

Learn to be thankful for small favors. At least for the next four years you can probably walk the streets unmolested, unlike Californians. You can probably enjoy your family, and still go to church, unlike Mormons, Catholics and Evangelicals in the West. All of those things that you can still do, even with Barack Obama as your president, you must appreciate and be thankful for. You are now “the minority” of this country and that is the way it will be in America of 2009 and forward. We do not know what the future holds; we know only that it does not hold the America of the past that we have known and loved.

Conservatives, traditional Christians, capitalists, libertarians, classical liberals, federalists, republicans and big “R” Republicans are now all part of a minority. If you, as a minority of this new regime, refuse to go along, if you rebell, you will bleed.


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  1. kolchak33 says:

    I think conservatives have a greater respect for the democratic process overall. You never see conservatives busting up church services or calling people bigots for their opinions.

  2. oo12oo says:

    How unfortunate in the land of the free, where people should feel secure in the choices/votes they make without fear of repraisal.


  3. Scott says:

    … You never see conservatives busting up church services or calling people bigots for their opinions. … Nonsense! Conservatives show up at FUNERALS and IN FRONT OF GRIEVING FAMILY AND PARENTS hold signs that say “Burn in Hell” and “God Hates Fags”.

  4. Neddy says:

    Scott – you are speaking of only one small group that I can think of – “The Westboro Baptists” and there is not proof of them being Conservatives nor even Christians, as no Republicans nor Christains claim them. They are nothing but a Hate Group.

    I have written of them here:
    and here:

    My post of the hate and intimidation in California and Utah refers to a large, organized group that votes overwhelmingly for Democrats and who are welcomed into the bosom of the Democrat party. Those anti-Americans shown on the video posted above are also a Hate Group, as vicious and mean as the Westboro Baptists, however, their hate-filled activities are protected by the Democrat party which rules San Francisco, and come 2009, the entire United States.

  5. Deidre says:

    I don’t appreciate you making it sound like all democrats feel this way. While I think there probably were some people that voted for John McCain because Obama is black I also think plenty of people voted for Obama only because he is black. There are ignorant voters on both sides. However I would never tell someone they are racist for their vote because unless I know them personally I don’t know if they are racist. I don’t think it is ok for you to say all democrats in the West feel one way when you don’t know. My hope is that this election will help future elections that have minorities running by getting that first time out of the way. Hopefully from now on EVERYONE will vote based on politics and not color. I also think all this craziness will die down soon, probably before he even takes office.

  6. Neddy says:

    “There are ignorant voters on both sides.” Well that may be true, but if you are talking about masses and majorities and hosts of voters numbering in the millions, let’s see if the Republicans can top this in ignorance:
    or this one:

    We await the videos of Republicans as ignorant as Obama voters.

  7. Deidre says:

    I never said anyone was more ignorant, I just said don’t say ALL democrats are acting like crazies. There are plenty that could care less if you voted for McCain. If I have some time later I’ll see if I can find some videos for ya though! 😀

  8. Deidre says:

    When I originally read your post I thought the video was dem vs. rep. It is actually people that are angry with Prop 8. While I would NEVER condone violence (except by me on hubby) I can understand why they feel this way. It is not a matter of who is president it is a matter of equal rights. I do not think there would have been this reaction had McCain won– we didn’t go crazy over Bush and he shouldn’t have even won (1st time)! Also, you have to look at the group. This was mostly young, able-bodied, men and in my videos the crazies are mostly older or overweight. The people in my videos are just as bad, they just aren’t organized and motivated enough. Again, I don’t think the people in my videos or yours are right, I am just showing that there are crazies ALL over.

    These people obviously have just as much hate in them, at least the people in your clip have reason to be so mad. These republicans are so dumb it is amazing and all their issues are just plain made up.

  9. Neddy says:

    Deidre – All of the voters in your videos are expressing their opinions, which you do not agree with. That is an American right under the Fist Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The people in the video that I posted above are intimidating the voters of California and persecuting Christians for exhibiting their “freedom of speech” and their “freedom of religion” which is guaranteed to them by that same First Amendment. In addition they are threatening violence upon those same voters and Christians such that these citizens now need police protection to walk the streets.

    Why don’t you show us where those activities are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? I cannot find it anywhere, and I have actually read the United States Constitution.

  10. Deidre says:

    What I meant was these people are just as hateful, they are just to lazy to go rioting. Didn’t you see what most of them looked like? Old or fat or both. (NO, I am not say that about all republicans, just the majority of the ones in my videos.) And calling someone a terrorist is not an opinion it is an accusation. I don’t think you would like it if everyone in your hometown started saying you were a terrorist. (I know I wouldn’t!)

    If the people in your video were doing something illegal why weren’t they arrested? There were plenty of police officers, as you pointed out.

    Also, as I stated, the two issues are very different. No one would be intimidating anyone if McCain won… we didn’t do it when Bush “won” or when he actually won. To a lot of people Prop 8 is about equality. What if California tried to pass a law saying all people not of Hispanic origin couldn’t marry? I imagine the rioting would increase tenfold. Maybe to you the two aren’t the same, but to me and many others they are. That is why people are so passionate. Not just because they lost A vote, because they lost THIS vote. Still, I say no violence, I am just trying to help you see the other side.

    And what in the world makes you think I haven’t read the constitution???

  11. Neddy says:

    Republicans are too old or too fat to riot??? ROTFL! Deidre – you should have your own TV show! Or at least you should replace one of those lamebrains on The View. You are much funnier!

    You obviously know much more about California people and politics than do I. Where I live, Hispanic people do not consider that being a native Spanish speaker is the same as being homosexual.

  12. Deidre says:

    Hey, I even made a point to say not all of ’em!!! 😛 And thanks for the compliment, I agree!

    Like I said, not everyone sees it that way. I think of it as not allowing a group of individuals to do something, that everyone else can do, because of something they cannot change.

    Hope you’re having a marvelous weekend! Do you like football? I am going to the Chargers/Colts game tomorrow and I don’t know who to root for! (I am a Vikings fan… hardcore)

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