WAPO’s Star Reporter

Here we go again. The Washington Post has spent the last year or so beatifying Barack Obama the candidate. Come Inauguration Day in January, Obama will be proclaimed as the long awaited promised Messiah, as Louis Farrakhan has prophesied. Journalist Dana Milbank, of WaPo, along with his MSNBC co-journalists Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, were instrumental in elevating Obama to this position of heavenly glory. Now Dana Milbank has proclaimed that Obama’s Transitional Chief of Transistions, John Podesta, is no ordinary mortal, having already served under Clinton the Great. Milbank has now elevated John Podesta to the status of a Rock Star! Wonder what instrument he plays? Or does it matter?

“Washington’s It Guy: John Podesta” by Dana Milbank, The Washington Post’s Star Reporter.


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