We’re Not in Kansas Any More!

Kansans Promote National Barack Obama Day.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”  Yes Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas, as there is no Kansas anymore. It has been blown away by the Obama Tornado.

In Topeka, “Yes We Can Land” (formerly Kansas) an historic movement is underway to promote Barack Obama Day as a national holiday. For twelve hours, every Tuesday at a downtown McDonald’s Restaurant, “Yes We Can” rallies will be held until the goal of securing a national holiday in Obama’s honor is secured. This is NOT a joke as I read it today in The Topeka Capital-Journal and World Net Daily.

Early on Inauguration morning, January 20, 2009, a special Obama Mass will be celebrated at the McDonald’s Restaurant of downtown Topeka. Obama Cake will be offered to worshipers as a symbolic remembrance of the Holy Host of Our Lord Barack, who is so great, even He worships Himself. Cherry Kool-Aid will be drunk by the faithful from an old McDonald’s silver chalice in remembrance of His Holy Blood that was never shed for anyone. All Obama Nation workers will be guaranteed to have the day free to offer obeisance and honor to our Lord and Master, the First Black President.

What’s Obama Cake, you ask? Here’s a SlideShow from Flickr of Hundreds. Take Your Pick!

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: It is not just Kansas, that is no longer Kansas, Toto. “The Washington Post” of Washington DC has proclaimed that on Inauguration Day, Barack Obama will become the FIRST Pastor in Chief of Spirituality. What happened to the liberals’ beloved “separation of church and state?” That’s all out the window with the advent of the Cult of Obama. Just don’t try any of that God or Jesus stuff any more – as that’s “so yesterday.”

3 Responses to We’re Not in Kansas Any More!

  1. Michael Post says:

    We will soon be living in the United Socialist States of America. The American dream has come to an end. Increased taxes and spending will result in a trillion dollar deficit, increased unemployment, an increase in bankruptcies, and the collapse of the stock market. I suspect we will see billboards with the Messiah’s fake smile smothering us at every other intersection and will be wearing armbands. Republicans and Americans who still believe in Democracy will be required to sew an emblem of an elephant on their clothing or risk arrest by the Obama secret police. I can’t believe the average American can be taken in by this Obama nonsense. In his acceptance speech he already started backing off his promise to change America, admitted his policies will likely fail, and set the stage for his reelection. I wonder if we will have free elections by 2012. If not, at least the Acorn Committee won’t have anything more to do with abusing current election laws. This is probably the saddest time in American history. Let’s pray Americans come to their senses in time to change this new course of action and stop this leftist, socialistic movement.

  2. Derek says:

    I am ashamed that our state is wanting to promote such rubbish as socialism (mainly our President-elect). I voted for McCain and against Obama… Our governor is an idiot and this act just amplifies her stupidity.

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