A Nonviolent Revolution

Georgia Democrat Congressman John Lewis told Charlie Gibson on ABC News, what Republicans and McCain supporters already knew would be the case if Obama were elected. The Democrat gushed that the election of Barack Obama was a nonviolent revolution” and an “unbelievable, and unreal transformation of American politics.

So that is why jubilantly boisterous students from Georgetown University riotously stormed across the bridge into Washington, DC to the White House, and for the first time in history, screamed and shouted while wearing “Hammer & Sickle” tee shirts and waving “Hammer & Sickle” banners. You can always count on those Georgetown drunks to know which way the wind blows, as they have their own very own Weatherman, Billy Ayers, who has been on the job since the 1970s. Is this the beginning of a youth movement for change?

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