Vote for John McCain

Faith of My Fathers by John McCain

VOTE for John McCain! America needs John McCain to win this election. John McCain needs you to vote. Do not be intimidated by the corrupt American media’s claims that the race is over. Do not be demoralized by the hundreds of polls showing Obama 10-15 points ahead. There is good reason to believe they are flawed. Do not be frightened by charges of racism because you choose to vote for John McCain, as that is an American right granted to you by the blood of American patriots, 1775-2008, including the blood of John McCain.

John McCain has a chance. Tonight he is even or within one point in all the battleground states. In the primaries against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama always polled six or seven points higher than he actually won in votes. If this scenario repeats itself, John McCain can win the battlegroup states and 270 electoral votes for the presidency. Do not let John McCain down. Vote for him tomorrow. You know him. You do not know this new guy Barack Obama. Do not gamble on America’s future.


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