Hip Hop Republican

I pray that this hip-hopper doesn’t end up having a FATWA calling for his death from Obama-leaning Radio KGO San Francisco, as has just happened to Joe the Plumber. After all, the little guys are supposed to be for the Democrats who are going to protect them from those mean and wascally Republicans. Who does this Hip-Hopper think he is running away from their Race Card Plantation? This video has over 4,000 comments at YouTube, most of them using vulgar, unspeakable language against him for his political views and religious beliefs. Why cannot black people be free thinkers in America without being condemned?

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  1. […] Here’s the clip: (NOTE — EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING). Get the full story of “Death to Joe” at Radio Equalizer. Why does the LEFT fear “Joe the Plumber” so much that they looked to discredit him, destroy him and now want him dead? Read More|||http://scaredmonkeys.com/2008/11/03/…-karel-bouley/ This is insane. This regular citizen asks Obama a simple question and Obama%26#39;s machine sets out to destroy him, and now is threateneing to KILL HIM. Read More|||She was a Democratic speechwriter who worked for the Edwards, Clinton, and Obama 2008 campaigns—and is now an outcast from that party after calling it on its vicious attacks on Joe the Plumber, Hillary, and Sarah Palin. Read More|||As of today, he has received a death threat on the air from a radio talk show host (KGO) who supports Obama. All this for answering the door, meeting Obama and asking him one question. Here is the video of Joe asking Obama his now Read More|||Democrat Charles Karel Bouley Huffington Post Blogger KGO Radio Talk Show Host San Francisco Calls for Death of Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher November Surprises Barack Hussein Obama’s Half Aunt Zeitumi Onyango Illegal Alien Boston Public Read More|||Today’s ObamiNation In Your Face Violence Tour update, part 2 – Stable Hand reports that a liberal talk show host aired a death threat against Joe the Plumber. Today’s ObamiNation In Your Face, No Violence Edition Tour update – I Read More|||Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer has audio of Karel (aka Charles Karel Bouley), a weekend talk show host at KGO (the call letter deficient station) issuing a death threat to Joe the Plumber on the air. According to Maloney, this did Read More|||+++++++++++++++. And now there are death threat toward Joe the Plumber on the radio by Liberal radio show host. the hanging of Sarah Palin in effigy. Some of these crazies need to get ahold of themselves. Read More|||This lib radio host answers the question by showing extreme lack of professionalism when he erupts into a profanity laced rant ending in a death threat directed toward Joe %26#39;the plumber%26#39; Wurzelbacher-problem is, it was in front of a live Read More|||I sure hope he doesn’t end up getting death threats from Obama-leaning Radio Talk Show hosts as has happed to Joe the Plumber. After all, the little guys are supposed to be for the Democrats who are going to protect them from those mean Read More […]

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