Obama’s 150 Senate Days

Barack Obama came out of nowhere (um … no – from the the Chicago neighborhood of Lewis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rashid Kahlidi) and served 150 days in the United States Senate before he decided he was qualified to run for United States President. So what did he do in those 150 days of Senate Service? Not much, as he was “ALWAYS Late.” But … he always apologised, didn’t he, between the “ahs” and the “ahs” and the “ahs?”

I counted 33 “AHS” in one minute and 19 seconds of Obama Speak! Will he ever learn to speak without saying “AH” every three words or stuttering BEFORE he becomes President Obama? Funny, most graduates of Harvard Law School learn proper speaking before graduating. Wonder why Obama didn’t?

However, what does the Obama campaign think of his experience? Listen to his wife, Michelle Obama:

One Response to Obama’s 150 Senate Days

  1. sfokc6125 says:

    Not us Democrats now blame it all on the GOP and Bush . I was watching Fox News and they had a Member of the DNC . They were asked about the economy and how we got here they blamed the GOP and G Bush . Even though they have had the control of the congress for two years. They claim the taxes were going to go up to clean up the mess . You dont raise taxes on a down dollar. McCain knows that . So McCain is cutting taxes where Obama wants to raise them . He is showing his inexperience. Lets see you cant hear it , you cant see the video , we dont want to answer the hard questions. We can blame everyone else , we can lie about the plans to not raise taxes. We can give money to Acorn and they can make up the votes we need wink wink. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CRAP THE Obama IS COOKING. I will remind you by the time cigar totting Bill C was done it took us two years to fix it. We dont need a welfare state . We dont need a man who has ties to both a foreign and domestic terrorist. And when asked they clam up. The bottom line is dont let them BUY the White House . Dont be sheep.

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