Aljazeera for OBAMA!

In the “New York Times Magazine” today, The Obama claims that he would be three points higher in the polls if it were not for Fox News Channel. So … how many points higher in the polls would be Senator John McCain if it were not for The Obama-loving CNN ? New York Times ? NBC with its lunatic offspring MSNBC? and the Aljazeera Network?  (Obama Blames Fox News)

If you want to hear all the latest lies and criticism on the McCain-Palin ticket, Just listen to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Obama’s MSNBC, Aljazeera TV in Ohio, etc. Plus, you will get all the praise and positive coverage on The Obama and Biden that you could possibly want, and all the dirt on the Republicans that you can possibly stomach, as this Aljazeera in Ohio  video shows.

Where, in America’s entire news networks, except for Fox News, can the voter find the real truth about The Obama?

  • The Obama has far less experience to be president than anyone in history (less than two years in the U.S. Senate).
  • The Obama has associations that tie him to radical leftists, terrorists, and voter fraud organizations, and corrupt CEOs like those of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Countrywide, who brought on America’s current financial meltdown.
  • The beliefs and policies of The Obama are viewed by most economists as Socialist, as using the tax code to “spread the wealth around,” as he himself revealed.
  • The Obama is purchasing the votes of Americans with two television channels and $30+ Million in TV advertising in just the last month alone.
  • The Obama is the overwhelming choice of America’s CORRUPT media solely because he is black and a liberal. The CORRUPT American media immediately “swift-boats” anyone and everyone who spotlights flaws of The Obama. Just ask Hillary Clinton and Joe the Plumber.

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