Obama Lied – Again

During the last presidential debate with John McCain, Candidate Barack Obama accused a Republican supporter at a Palin rally of shouting “kill him” when Sarah Palin mentioned Obama’s name. It was a lie, and a slur upon the good people who put their lives on the line to protect the presidential candidates, the Secret Service. Obama condemned Sarah Palin for not repudiating the “kill him” scream, but did not condemn the Secret Service for ignoring a threat to a presidential candidate. It is against the law to threaten physical harm to a presidential candidate, much less death! The Secret Service is paid by the American people to protect ALL of the candidates.

Further investigation reveals that Barack Obama lied. He created a false story. No one, not Sarah Palin, not the Secret Service, not the local police force, not any attendees at the rally heard any threat to “kill him” from anyone.

So what does the “In the Obama Tank Media” have to say about Obama’s false and outrageous charge? Not much, as they are too busy digging up dirt on Joe the Plumber, a guy who thought as an American that he had a right to question Barack Obama about his policies.

There is one Washington Post reporter who claims to have heard the “kill him” remark that no one else heard. His name is Dana Milbank and he is a darling of Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC because Milbank is 150% in the toilet tank for Barack Obama. He wrote the about the “kill him” remark in a hit piece on Sarah Palin and has never retracted it, although the Post has closed down comments on his so-called reporting. Why should he correct his lie, as it hurts Republicans and that is what journalists are out to do, aren’t they? That is why journalists like Dana Milbank are despised! That is why no one believes media like the Washington Post anymore.


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