How Do We Be Racists?

Let Us Count the Ways, as we watch the Race Card win the White House.

Barack Obama has successfully used the race card handed down from the shake-down pastors Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to inhibit all criticism of him. Late night comics and the mainstream press have largely cooperated with him because no one wants to be labeled a RACIST. During this presidential campaign almost any criticism of candidate Obama brings up charges of racism, even against his opposition’s VP candidate, whose main role in past presidential campaigns has been to attack the opposing Presidential candidate. So…, I thought I would document a few of the criticisms of Obama that I’ve encountered that have resulted in scurrilous and unfounded charges of RACISM.

In 1990, my state and cradle of the Confederacy, Virginia, was the first in the nation to elect an African American as governor. I supported and voted for his Republican opponent, however I have no memory of gratuitous charges of racism against myself or other whites who criticised or did not support Douglas Wilder. Was that because Douglas Wilder was a native Virginian and a gentleman who did not pal around with the likes of the Reverends Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? If not, why the difference now in 2008, where every utterance of criticism of Barack Obama is translated into a racist slur by his campaign and supporters? Perhaps we are seeing the implementation of the teachings of Obama’s mentors and allies, William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, and A.C.O.R.N. 

  • Barack Obama himself started playing the race card against John McCain by responding to a McCain ad knocking him as a world celebrity, after his celebrated trips to court European non-voters. For that criticism of himself, Barack Obama accused John McCain’s campaign of race-baiting. During the North Carolina primary Barack Obama told voters that John McCain would “play on our fears” and “exploit our differences.” By June, Obama was accusing any and all Republicans running against him for saying: “He’s young and inexperienced, and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?” The fact that NO Republican uttered those words mattered not at all to Obama.
  • United States Congressman Barney Frank says you are a RACIST if you believe that people with lousy credit should NOT receive taxpayer-guaranteed mortgages. “BOSTON (AP) – Rep. Barney Frank said Monday that Republican criticism of Democrats over the nation’s housing crisis is a veiled attack on the poor that’s racially motivated.Representative Barney Frank Cries Rascism!
  • When Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin brought up Democrat BarackObama’s relationship with 1960s-era radical Bill Ayers who wished he had bombed more after the September 11th attacks, the Associated Press (as in Mainstream Media) labeled her attack as RACISM. What she pointed out to the voters was that Obama is “someone who sees America as ‘imperfect enough’ to work with a former domestic terrorist who targeted his own country,” and that Obama “pals around with terrorists.” The AP’s Douglass Daniel headlined “Palin’s Words Have Racist Tinge,” as he explained that although Ayers is white, terrorists today are people of color, hence logic follows that Governor Palin is a RACIST.
  • Whoopie Goldberg on “The View” while speaking to John McCain, implied that he was a RACIST because he believes in strictly interpreting the United States Constitution. She accused him of trying to make her a slave, as after all, enslavement of black people is what the Constitution is all about, according to Whoppie.
  • “Elitist” is now a racist slur, according to Obama supporters. When Hillary Clinton supporter, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, endorsed John McCain for President, she said she rejected Barack Obama as “I feel like he is an elitist.” The Obama Campaign and Obama supporters promptly labeled Ms. Rothschild as a RACIST, as they claim that “elitist” is another one of those code words that means “uppity” that means you must be very careful of criticizing Barack Obama, as you too could be called a RACIST. That is … unless you are yourself an anointed one awaiting “The One.” See “Latte Liberal – A Racist Epithet?”
  • For the first time in history at a Presidential Candidates debate, almost everything that one candidate (John McCain) said to or about his opposing candidate (Obama) has been labeled a racist slur by Obama supporters. From comments at the Wall Street Journal Online we find that John McCain’s saying that Obama knows little about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is actually code for You ignorant Black boy–you don’t know anything!” Here’s another one – “That one!”It too was a racist slur by McCain, according to the Obama campaign. Listen and hear the unforgivable racism: John McCain Is A Racist Because He said ‘That one … and Me.’ OMG – It’s almost as racist as saying Obama’s middle name, bequeathed him by his own parents.
  • The cable news network MSNBC and its star reporter Keith Olbermann have called anyone and everyone, including Republican members of Congress, as “RACISTS” if they dare mention the activities of ACORN and Obama, or even politically criticize Barack Obama for almost anything.
  • A prominent Obama supporter charges that Governor Palin’s use of the terms “Hockey Mom” and “Joe Sixpack” are code words for white people, hence McCain’s VP candidate choice is engaging in racism, of course. The Obamamania media has added some additional words that are used by RACISTS as code to mean white people: “Wal-mart moms, soccer moms, NASCAR dads and small town America.” We await word from the RACIST police to know if “hard-working” and “main street” are also code words hiding RACIST thoughts.
  • Michelle Malkin has been called a RACIST for interviewing a rapper and quoting his rapper language words “Thug Thizzle.” When whites use rapper language they are RACISTS she was told.
  • Believe it or not, there are not only RACIST code words, there are RACIST code colors too. According to Obama supporters at “Democratic Underground,” when a candidate goes abroad in the land giving political speeches, the wearing of white garments is a “code” message meant to incite RACISTS to violence. American clergy can still wear white robes before their congregations without being called out as RACISTS, but that is bound to change as soon as President Obama accomplishes his “transcendence” of the racial divide. As all Americans begin to strive for non-offensiveness to those of sensitive sensibilities, white apparal is expected to promptly go out of fashion.
  • Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid says that it is RACIST to criticize Franklin Raines’ dismal stewardship as CEO of bankrupt Fannie Mae or to mention that he is a supporter of Barack Obama.
  • Yesterday, civil rights leader, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, condemned Senator John McCain for “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” and accused McCain of inciting potential violence for criticizing Obama. Lewis then connected John McCain to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace, and to the 1963 church bombing which killed four little black girls, even though John McCain was in service to his nation at the time, wearing the uniform of the United States Navy. (Washington Post, 12 October 2008)
  • Democrat Congressman John Murtha called his entire home base of western Pennsylvania a bunch of RACISTS because they are not supporting Barack Obama: “There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a RACIST area.” These same RACISTS have elected Congressman Murtha to the United States Congress seventeen times! (Western Pennsylvanians are Racists)

Today, there is only one solution, to NOT being labeled a Racist. We must all support Barack Obama, put an “Obama & Biden” bumper sticker on our cars, and VOTE for Obama. Then, just maybe, we can be saved from being condemned as RACISTS. If we do not do that, then we are RACISTs and when the Obamaniacs come into power, we will be hauled off to “Re-education Camps” taught by Weatherman turned college professor Bill Ayers. There we WILL learn the proper “Non Racist and Unoffensive” language of the Obama Regime.

8 Responses to How Do We Be Racists?

  1. jonolan says:

    How Do We Be Racists?

    1 – Be White; if you’re White you’re a racist, either actively or passively – unless you save your “soul” by wholeheartedly supporting Obama.

    2 – See point 1

  2. Vlad says:

    Blacks have proven themselves FAR more racist than Whitey ever was. And totally FAR more incompetent at running ANY neighborhood,ANY city,ANY state, and ANY country. That’s why We Whites don’t want them running the USA, not for “racism”, but Common Sense, from seeing them fall totally on their faces,every single time, over the past 40-45 years, FAR WORSE than the most incompetent White politicians.

  3. Kerfuffles says:

    Well … it is not only blacks hurling charges of RACISM against any criticism of Obama. Most of the charges of racism are coming from “white” supporters of Obama and “white” members of the exalted media. It is very troubling and they are not helping their candidate, as many, many people like me are sick and tired of being called RACISTS.

  4. Clarence says:

    I agree that many people are far too quick to scream “racism”. But on the other end there are many people who scream “race card” far too often. The preceding comments are quick to condemn the short comings of blacks and those who support them, but fail to acknowledge the racist undertones of some whites. Kerfuffles will never “get it”…”they are not helping their candidate, as many people like me are sick and tired of being called RACISTS”…That is a very racist declaration. It’s basically saying that your vote for the most important office on the planet may hinge on the statements of some over-sensitive dissenters. I hope you aren’t a member of My Republican Party, and if by chance you are, I hope you are sick and tired enough to consider bailing !!!!

  5. jonolan says:


    Kerfuffles has the right of iit, you don’t. The near constant cries of racism – more from Progressives the Blacks – when anyone criticizes Obama is very wearing and annoying. It makes me less likely to listen to critique anything said against him.

    It’s not racist to be bothered by these tactics. It’s racist to use them.

  6. Kerfuffles says:

    Rest assured Clarence, I am NOT a member of YOUR Republican Party, nor anyone’s Republican Party. I doubt you are a Republican also, as Republicans don’t call other people RACISTS, as you have just called me. The Republican party is the party of Abraham Lincoln – not the party of Robert Byrd.

    Guess what? I’m NOT a RACIST and I’ll not be itimidated by you nor the rest of the Obama campaign’s Marxist-Fascist-Socialist tactics of playing the Race Card. The Race Card was invented by WHITES – not by Blacks. White Marxist-Fascist-Socialists taught Blacks how to play it against so-called White Guilt.

    I am voting FOR SARAH PALIN because she has the most experience to run the country of all four candidates and is the smartest. My second choice is JOHN McCAIN. I reject BARACK OBAMA from the start as he is an obvious SOCIALIST and if we could find more of his history, he may even be entangled in Marxism. However, his youth and college years seem to be hidden and all we know of them is what he has chosen to tell us in his TWO biographies.

  7. Jim says:

    Oh man! I guess anybody to the left of Benito Mussolini is a Marxist to you guys. Want to know about his college years? Go to his web site, its all there. Top student, first black president of the Harvard Review. I know now he’s a Marxist and an Elitist. Better get ready for 8 years of “Marxism”.

  8. Kerfuffles says:

    Obama is “left” of Mussolini? Thanks for the revelation.

    Obama will not release medical records, college transcripts, nor other records that candidates normally provide. Any other candidate would be hounded by the American media. The fact that they are kept secret makes the voter wonder about possible use of IV drugs, treatment for addiction, methadone maintenance, etcetera.

    The October Surprise

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