Pea-brained Sexists

Here is the Face of Sexism. Matt Damon wants you to know that mothers cannot be Vice President of the United States because they may have attended too many hockey games. Somehow, that makes sense to him. He also connects dinosaurs to the nuclear codes, which although not sexist, is certainly inexplicable, except to him.

Take an actor away from his script and “it’s like, you know, it’s like bizarre, it’s like, I don’t know, you know, it’s like, like, crazy, you know, it’s like, … I don’t know, it’s … it’s … it’s like dinosaurs and Disney World, you know.”

Matt Damon – just another pea-brained Obama supporter, just another sexist.

The Video of Matt Damon – The Face of Sexism


3 Responses to Pea-brained Sexists

  1. anitaph says:

    Interesting twist here. Of course you neglect to admit the quote which makes the context foggy which also makes it easy to distort. I don’t know. Matt Damon may be a raging sexist. It’s just impossible to tell that from your entry.

    I could easily say that I don’t consider hockey mommery a qualification for president. I wouldn’t call it an exclusionary factor either but if I were applying for any job, let alone VP, I wouldn’t put it on my resume.

    As it is, it’s cute. I can easily tell you that I won’t vote for Palin based on other issues which I do think are exclusionary. Lying, distorting, scandal (we usually have to wait for our candidates to be in office before they become completely mired in scandal), and downright creepiness. Maybe creepiness shouldn’t be exclusionary after all we did have tricky Dick in office. And the others are common in our politicians too.

    Maybe you’re right. Palin might be just what the Republican party wants in candidate.

  2. anitaph says:

    Oh, I listened to the Damon thing. I think I had it pretty right on. He wasn’t saying it was because she was a Hockey Mom but rather because she has little else to recommend her.

    Firing librarians for not banning books, using public office for personal vendettas, creationism in science classes, forget the age of the world. Yeah, I gotta say, I underestimated the creepiness factor. I’m going with Damon on this and it has nothing to do with sexism. I think Hilary would have been a bang up Pres or VP. Not so Palin.

  3. Kerfuffles says:

    Antipah – too bad you are getting your facts from know-nothing Matt Damon. Because he says she banned books, taught creationism in science class, doesn’t know the age of the world, etcetera, does not make it fact. In fact, all that is false. As for personal vendettas, that is still in the investigative process, so it would be the American way to consider her “innocent” until proven guilty.

    In my opinion, and many others, if she did in fact get her brother-in-law fired, I would say “Way to go Sarah!” If someone threatened to kill my father and tasered my nephew, I would probably do much worse to him than get him fired.

    Basically, Matt Damon belittles her achievements as mayor and governor and disrespectfully disses her for being a a mother, and I find that extrememly sexist and demeaning. Mothers can be as smart and as capable as men and any other women. Barack Obama has never been an elected executive officer of a state or town, so the Republican VP candidate is better equipped to serve as President of the U.S. than is Barack Obama, who has done nothing except run for the Presidency.

    Matt Damon is out of his league. He may be a dream boat, but that is all he is. In his intellectual ability, he is uneducated and dumber than dirt.

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