The Right Energy Plan

Which Candidate has the energy plan that will solve our problems for the future?

John McCain is calling for more oil drilling in this country. His VP choice, Alaskan Sarah Palin, says “drill, drill, drill.” Yet, if we find any new oil reserves they will fill only a fraction of our energy demands. John McCain’s plan is to continue to focus on a 19th century industry for the 21st century, and to continue chasing the world price of oil.

Barack Obama’s plan calls upon the federal government to throw $150 billion worth of taxpayers’s hard earned money as investments in new energy technologies. Yet, if history is any teacher, throwing federal funds at any problem never solves it.

How about instigating the marketplace to pay to innovate our energy technology? Allowing the price of energy to remain high will result in the marketplace of ideas solving our problem.  With the financial rewards offered by high oil prices, the nation’s thousands of innovators will be stimulated to develop thousands of new and green energy products.

We need these new “green” technologies to get Americans to change the way they use energy. What better way than to unleash the tremendous innovative power of this American nation instead of trying to solve it with the government and/or yesterday’s solutions.

See an interesting interview between ABC anchor Diane Sawyer and NY Times columnist and author Tom Friedman. Friedman prophesies in his newest book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution–and How It Can Renew America,” that energy technology will be the world-changing innovation of the 21st century. It will be called “The Green Revolution.”


One Response to The Right Energy Plan

  1. pdmikk says:

    I think Friedman is correct. I believe we could see a huge upsurge in our economy if capital is thrown at developing effective and efficient green tech.

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