Virginia’s Dangerous Macacas

What is the difference between a pit-bull with lipstick and a pig with lipstick? An election.

Since Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Republican Convention, she has become known as the “lipstick candidate.” When is a double entendre about lipstick and a pig, really a sexist attack on a woman? Only Barack Obama knows for sure, as he has been gingerly using “lipstick” references ever since Palin’s speech. Lipstick on a Pit-bull or a Pig?

One thing we CAN say about Barack Obama – he’s NO “lipstick liberal.” Oh no! He puts his lipstick where his mouth is. Even though he got a laugh out of his Virginia audience, his out-of-control double entendre was no laughing matter to most of America, including many of Obama’s female supporters. Obama, while attempting to smear Sarah Palin’s lipstick in Virginia, forgot that Virginia is the land of “The Macaca Moment.”


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  1. drtombibey says:

    See my headline today.

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