Who Is ArcXIX?

ArcXIX is so enthusiastic a supporter of Barack Obama, that he was willing to viciously stalk and verbally abuse and spread lies about a child of a Republican to help get his Democrat candidate elected. ArcXIX should be in prison for child abuse, but instead, he is in hiding.

“ArcXIX” is the Internet pseudonym of a writer at The Daily Kos who deliberately and maliciously maligned an innocent 17-year-old girl because her parent is a Republican politician. He published Palin family photographs that he mislabeled and used to lecherously describe parts of her teenage body. Although he revealed her total identity to the world, he has not the courage, decency nor humanity to step into the harsh public glare with her. The seventeen-year-old minor girl child stands alone, as there is no one anywhere who has protected her from the voyeuristic abuse of ArcXIX, co-conspirator Inky99, publisher Marcos Molesters, and their thousands of male adult and sick women commentators who viciously hurled abuse upon a fragile teenage psyche and spirit.

Lest someone attempts to convince you that ArcXIX was some sort of renegade diarist at The Daily Kos, think again. Marcos Molester’s Daily Kossacks voted ArcXIX’s unverified, breathless, and totally fabricated attack on a child as the ‘Best Of’ on DailyKos. Attacking the young children of Republicans is a pattern for The Daily Kos. In 2005, I found a discussion there about a four year old boy which led to allegations that the child was gay.

The Daily Kossacks labeled the little boy as a John-John Kennedy wannabe. One Kossack, Mayan, got the ball rolling into the Operation Looney Research: “Did You Catch His Wife? When Roberts thanked his family, he mentioned his son, Jack…Roberts’ wife’s face fell. It was like a poker tell. I think we should research Jack.” Geoptf responded, “He’s probably gay. Of course, this is how ridiculous rumors get started, but extreme conservatives seem to have a lot of homosexual children… .”(What Makes Jackie Dance?)

Although ArcXIX is now frantically trying to escape from his own identity, Wizbangblog has saved his life’s work for posterity to view, along with his 1811 vicious and sleazy dailykos.com commentators from ArcXIX’s first post: Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother [Photos+Video]. Wizbangblog also saved his second Equally Ville Followup, including the petty and pathetic comments from 732 hateful Kossacks who jumped on ArcXIX’s bandwagon to enthusiastically stone a young girl. Don’t bother clicking on ArcXIX’s identity links, as he is now in deep hiding, for as you know, child abusers never want to face the light of day. But you may check and identify the commentators and see who is really vicious and sick among the Democrat supporters of Barack Obama.

It took the so-called “respected” media more than eight months to publish the “documented” scandal about adult John Edwards, because of their squeamishness about trusting The National Enquirer. (Or was it because Edwards was a Democrat about to be chosen as VP nominee by Obama?) In contrast, it took less than 48 hours before the totally undocumented FALSE allegations against a minor child of a Republican by an unidentified Daily Kos diarist known only as ArcXIX were picked up and spun into reality by the mainstream media.

Fair is fair, don’t you know, as media pundits blame the abuse suffered by Palin’s daughter on none other than Sarah Palin herself. Lisa Bloom of Court TV said “Once she’s brought her children in as selling points, unfortunately the bad comes in with the good. She’s integrating her mom quality as a key part of her résumé. We didn’t do that in the press; she did that.” Although the Internet publisher, Marcos Molesters, knows the original IP address that ArcXIX used, he “ain’t revealin’ nuttin'” that may lead to the identity of ArcXIX.

Left-wing Internet Haters – The Daily Kos

Who is ArcXIX? Does anyone yet know? He and all of his co-conspirators at The Daily Kos should be “legally” hunted down and exposed for what they are – child abusers and child stalkers.

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4 Responses to Who Is ArcXIX?

  1. Old Atlantic says:

    Good points. Was this done with the approval of the Obama campaign? Is this Obama’s revenge for the birth certificate and Indonesian citizenship AP photo? False smear returned for legitimate inquiry? This is part of Obama’s cover-up tactic after the Berg lawsuit? Obama has to raise the cost of raising these issues and make the Republicans agree to ignore them? Obama turned down a clerkship from Judge Abner Mikva in 1991 because it would have meant an FBI background check? The hurt is still there?

  2. kerfuffles says:

    Has the Obama campaign ever come up with an “unaltered” birth certificate? If so, I’ve not seen it. All I’ve seen are verifications from others, that we are to trust them that they’ve seen his birth certificate hanging on a will in his office or somewhere. It doesn’t make sense, but I guess it doesn’t matter: http://kerfuffles.blogsome.com/2008/08/10/birth-certificate-smirth-certificate/

  3. AnonymousGuy says:

    I’m the AnonymousGuy who first connected ArcXIX to Charles Hartley on the 1UP account and posted it on FloppingAces.com 11 hours before Redstate.com announced the connection (without attribution of how he found it). ( Note his Google cache had “Charles Hartley” as a search term: how did he know to start with the name?)

    Anyway- Thanks for all the effort to find this guy.
    The DailyKos deleted his blog but still has many comment posting by ArcXIX. ArcXIX admits he is an ELECTION POLL WORKER IN FRANKLIN COUNTY, COLUMBUS, OHIO.
    Today at OHIO NEWS, today (9/5/08) LISTS AN ARTICLE ABOUT “Ohio’s election reforms praised”.

    I posted comments about ArcXIX there. If you are so inclined, please go there and add comments. OHIO Election Officials should clean up the mess of one of their own. Note: postings need to be short and not contain at symbols there.

    I am very disappointed that people are posting phone numbers for people that think think are ArcXIX.
    I do not want ArcXIX harassed: I just want him exposed and forced to an apology and to become a persona non-grata for the Columbus Obama campaign.

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