Houses of McCain and Obama

Which is worse? To own seven multi-million dollar homes that came from one’s own spouse, or to own ONE multi-million dollar mansion that came from a shady deal with convicted felon, Chicago businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko?

Apparently, according to the Obama for President Campaign, that is how the American voters are supposed to decide which of the two presidential candidates will make the better president.

Obama’s Real Estate Deal


4 Responses to Houses of McCain and Obama

  1. Brett says:

    Not sure why you pin this on Obama’s campaign–both candidates are at fault (it takes two to tango).

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    The Obama campaign started the conversation about how McCain owns seven houses. McCain didn’t say anything until he was criticized for owning seven houses. Newsflash America! Lots of Americans own more than one home.

  3. Marilyn Bryan says:

    Not too many own eight inhabitable residences, or even six. How much money
    are we talking about anyway?

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Well, I’m just a blogger, but I own six “inhabitable” homes, and I never knew that it was evil. Obviously the homes of John McCain’s wife are worth many millions more than mine, but so what? As far as I know, she obtained them all legally, and they came to her from the legal business ventures of her family. Apparently they sold beer – legally. Contrast that venture to the Kennedy family that owns who knows how many homes. Do they ever get condemned for that, even though their money came from their Kennedy grandfather selling “illegal” booze?

    The business of America is business and kudos to those who are successful. However, beware of those who hate America, as they hate business too. They would rather see you groveling for government handouts than busting your fanny trying to get as rich as Cindy McCain’s family.

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