Raisin’ McCain

Poor Obama! Where’s HIS country music? Can a man be elected president of these United States without the backing of real American music? I don’t think so. Those Germans and Euro-peons may love the guy, God bless em, but these folks here in this video get to vote for the Leader of the Free World. So long, it’s been good to know ye, Obama. “Auf Wiedersehen” until we all learn to speak French or one of those other useless Euro-lingos. For now – we’re all just raisin’ McCain.

If that’s not enough “raisin’ McCain” for you, they are giving away a FREE download of the MP3 file at: JohnRich.com.


2 Responses to Raisin’ McCain

  1. John McCunt says:

    Obama has no country that’s why! He is a *#*damn muslim and no patriot.
    That’s why you have to vote for me if you’re a good American, you *#*#.

    *#Blasphemous and Vulgar language edited by blogmistress, as is often necessary, when Democrats write.

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    Mr. McVulgar – “Country Music” is what it is, music of the folk, not music of a particular COUNTRY. Good grief, even Canadians like “Country Music.” Too bad your guy Obama doesn’t cotton to it.

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