John & Elizabeth Edwards – Rich Wretches

We must forgive John Edwards as he is a narcissist. However, should Elizabeth Edwards be forgiven for her lies to America?

Who are you going to believe – former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards, or the “National Enquirer?” That was my dilemma a few weeks ago, when I read conflicting news reports on the very same day that the Obama Campaign was considering John Edwards as its choice for Vice Presidential candidate. Because John Edwards condemned the National Enquirer revelation of his mistress, Rielle Hunter, as trash talk, I did not accept the story as true. Like many other Americans, once again I was taken in by a political liar. Because the mainstream media will no longer reveal to us the known moral failings of Democrats, we the American public must now learn to trust the “National Enquirer.” The Enquirer is correct now, and it has been correct in the past, a la Jesse Jackson.

The mainstream media is finally following the National Enquirer’s lead. See ABC News: Edwards Lied as Presidential Candidate.

Now to get to the “Rich Wretches” part of this story. It is agreed by all, including John Edwards himself, that he is a “Rich Wretch.” But what about Elizabeth Edwards? Is the picture painted of her by the mainstream media as the sainted, heroic, long-suffering wife, an accurate one? Incredibly, Mrs. Edwards has just published her diary at “Daily KOS” wherein she places most of the blame for the current Edwards scandal and its harm to her family on … you guessed it … the media! She even refers to America’s interest in the character of a Presidential candidate as “voyeurism.” At the very same instant she writes of her husband: “I am proud of the courage John showed by his honesty.” Mrs. Edwards even validates her husband’s claim that because he betrayed his marriage vows whilst she was in remission from cancer, not in the throes of the terminal illness, that it was somehow okay. No, I do not understand the meaning of that pronouncement. Perhaps America’s strong, liberated feminists, such as Elizabeth Edwards and Hillary Clinton can explain that one to the rest of us.

Elizabeth Edwards has every right as a private wife and mother to forgive or not forgive her jerk of a husband for cheating on her. However … her decision to publicly broadcast her support for John Edwards as a staunch family values candidate, when she knew he was nothing of the sort, shows her to be as much of a narcissistic deceiver as her husband. Her media-tauted courage in dealing with the loss of a child and her own cancer should not be a subterfuge for her deliberate attempts to mislead the American public into electing such a lying wretch as President.

Narcissist John Edwards felt he was entitled to cheat on his wife and family, and keep it secret from the American voters, because he was a Golden Boy who could do no wrong. Besides, he had incredible monetary resources from campaign donors and his own family’s wealth to pay any hush money needed. Elizabeth Edwards agreed that they and their accomplices in the media could keep his mistress and her baby hidden while he was running for President of the United States. Surely the mainstream media would not stoop so low as to tell its readers the real sordid truth, they believed. Because Elizabeth Edwards has known of her husband’s betrayal at least since last fall when the National Enquirer first broke the story, it shows that she was an accomplice to the Edwards Campaign sham. Elizabeth Edwards knowingly encouraged her husband to enter the Presidential campaign and enthusiastically propagated the false image of John Edwards as a devoted husband and family man.

Elizabeth Edwards was so ambitious of her husband gaining the United States presidency, not even her own metastasized cancer stood in the way. Facing a terminal illness, she was still willing to lie to all America about the character of her husband.


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  1. anne says:

    Does Elizabeth Edwards deserve a pass for upholding her husband’s lies? Absolutely not. She enabled him. I believe it was something narcissistic in her that if she were dying as her husband became president, she would be a martyr to his cause. That is really sick, every bit as much as her husband’s comments about himself. Their actions caused a good person, a qualified woman, Hillary Clinton to not win the Democratic nomination. That is unforgivable. They should both be ashamed. This isn’t about an affair. It’s about lying.

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