Obama’s HAMAS Outreach

Meet Obama’s Worst Enemy – HIMSELF! Add this to the reasons Kerfuffles has already given (see “Black Hole in Dallas“) that Obama cannot be elected President of these United States: He offends Muslims.

First he bounces women from an audience where he was speaking because his campaign was fearful or offended by their Muslim head coverings. Then his campaign brings on board a “Muslim Coordinator” to help with “Muslim Outreach.” However, the Muslims he is “reaching out to” are NOT your so-called mainstream Muslim-Americans.

According to today’s WaPo, he hired a Chicago lawyer, Mazen Asbahi to coordinate relations between followers of Islam and the Obama campaign. When the media inquired about Mr. Asbahi’s relationship with Jamal Said, Mr. Asbahi promptly resigned from the Obama campaign. Why? Obama’s Muslim Coordinator had served with Jamal Said on a board of a subsidiary of the North American Islamic Trust. It seems that the innocent-sounding trust, which owns mosques, Islamic centers, schools, and other United States real estate, was named in an investigation of alleged Hamas fund-raisers, which ended in a mistrial last year.

See WaPo’s Obama’s Muslim Coordinator Resigns


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