Will McCain Make History?

The First POW President

If John McCain becomes the next President of the United States, he will make history as the first veteran of the Viet Nam War to be elected.  That is a big hurdle for him, as the country has already elected two Presidents from the Viet Nam War era, who never went to war at all. One President, Bill Clinton, managed to avoid even serving in the military during a time of universal draft.

However, if John McCain is elected to the presidentcy, he will NOT be the first Prisoner of War to hold that office. We are a warrior nation, and we have already chosen a former POW to be our leader. Have you forgotten your history? If so, here’s the answer at Blogging the Revolution.


2 Responses to Will McCain Make History?

  1. John McCain doesn’t have to make history – John McCain is history. Ironic that Hillary Clinton’s book was titled “Living History” when John McCain’s got the longest and most interesting history of any candidate in this election.


  2. Neddy says:

    Well … I would say Hillary is history.

    Interesting that amongst the “Women for John McCain” can be counted even the woman he left behind – his first wife. He might be hitting seventy years, but there seems to be something about a Navy pilot that women can never resist. Cindy probably couldn’t help herself for falling for him.

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