The House of Lords

And Senator Ted Kennedy’s Leaving

Divine Right – Until Death Do They Depart
How else is there to explain the latest revelations about the Kennedy Family Seat that has been occupied for all these many years in the House of Lords & Ladies? Beginning in 1953, John F. Kennedy (Happy Birthday John), and then his brother Edward Kennedy, have occupied the U.S. Senate’s Seat. News comes that it is to continue in possession of the Kennedy family even after Senator Ted Kennedy’s departure from Washington because of illness.

Apparently there was serious discussion as to which Camelot Kennedy was in line of succession to inherit the Kennedy endowed seat. For a while it seemed that the eldest son of Robert F. Kennedy, young Joe Kennedy, was the next scion to the throne. However, the Kennedys were reminded that back in ’76, long before their own arrival on the shores of Cape Cod, those quaint Massachusetts Minute Men shed a bit of blood over the British system of primogeniture. So as not to upset any descendants of Minute Men who may still be lurking about those parts, they decided to take a different tack for anointing the next Kennedy oligarch for the Kennedy seat in the House of Lords & Ladies. Besides, there was trepidation amongst some of the clan that young Joe Kennedy and his best bud and business associate, Strongman Hugo Chavez, may bring more grief and embarrassment to Massachusetts’ beloved First Family.

It is Senator Ted Kennedy himself, the family’s patriarch and old lion of the House of Lords & Ladies, who chose his own replacement. He made it clear to everyone that he expects his Senate seat to stay in the family. The Kennedys have a Divine Right, in perpetuity, to that elective office, and the voters of Massachusetts are well aware of that fact. The new Kennedy clan member destined to carry the Kennedy family flame is young, smart, female and the wife of the present Senator Kennedy. She is 54-year-old Victoria Reggie Kennedy.

Now you may have thought that we Americans fought a war a while back to overthrow a system of hereditary government. It is true that we did, and that the good people of Massachusetts were in the forefront of that Revolution. But that was then and this is now, and there has been a lot of water under that Concord and Lexington Bridge since then, and a lot of Kennedys over it. Those Massachusetts Minute Men were “citizen soldiers” and their government leaders, in those days, were “citizen politicos.” Today, in our “government by the anointed few,” we have only professional political leaders who serve until death do they depart. Senator Ted Kennedy came to occupy his brother’s seat in 1962, 46 YEARS AGO! After 46 YEARS in an official position, the law of Adverse Possession (aka as Squatters’ Rights) becomes effective, and the politico can legally bequeath his United States Senate or Congress seat to family members of his choosing or even to his young girlfriend, or boyfriend …  or whoever the case may be.

“We the People” have tried to get legislation for “term limits” passed, but whenever we elect a politician who promises to do that, he or she changes position when it comes times to leave, and as everyone knows, it is impossible to vote an incumbent out of office. Actually, this “Hereditary Oligarchy” might be a good thing. “We the People” wouldn’t have to bother voting anymore and all that wasted time and effort could be better spent.

(The New York Daily News has the real news.)

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