A Second Lincoln?

If Bill Clinton was the “First Black President,” what will Barack Obama be when he is elected?

South Dakota native and former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern gave us the answer when he joined Barack Obama while campaigning in Sioux Falls. Senator McGovern declared Obama Is a Second ‘Lincoln’.”

During good Senator McGovern’s 1972 Democratic presidential campaign a young Hillary Clinton worked her heart out as a political organizer in South Texas for him. He described Bill and Hillary Clinton as “my treasured friends all these years,” and the former Senator became an ardent supporter of her presidential bid. However, when the going got tough for Hillary, and she lost the state of North Carolina, Senator McGovern flip-flopped for his “treasured friend.” He is now a big supporter of Obama. As McGovern spoke to a crowd of 7,000, and with his words placed Obama upon the same pedestal that Abraham Lincoln has occupied all of these last many scores of years, Republicans were chortling in their sleeves.

While George McGovern was describing Barack Obama as “a second Abraham Lincoln,” Republicans were seeing Obama as a second George McGovern, an antiwar liberal about to be blown away in a wartime general election by a strong national defense candidate. Years ago it was Richard Nixon, the hawk, who defeated peacenik George McGovern with electoral college totals of 520 to 17, in the second biggest landslide in American history. Like the Democrats’ Al Gore after him, George McGovern did not even win his home state.

Barack Obama – “America’s Second George McGovern.”

Obama – A Second Lincoln

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