Is John McCain a Lawyer?

April 16, 2008

How honest and accurate is Michelle Obama? Or is it another one of those Obama “Misspokes?”

I suppose when one is a Princeton educated lawyer married to a Harvard law school graduate, one’s world view is just plain different from the rest of us.  “Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer, everybody’s a lawyer,” proclaimed Senator Barack Obama’s wife Michelle at a political rally. Michelle Obama revealed that John McCain is a lawyer too, and that he made millions before deciding to help people. Perhaps John McCain deserves an apology, as for all that he is or may be, I have never before read that he is or ever was a LAWYER.

Calling someone a lawyer, who is not, should be a crime, shouldn’t it, especially when that someone is your political opponent? If nothing else, it has got to be a slur. It cannot be a lie, as Dems and all their Ivy League lawyers don’t ever lie – they just “misspeak.” I guess in DEMs’ lingo it is just another one of their “misspokes.”

Michelle Obama’s Own Words:

Barack has more legislative experience than anyone currently in this race.” – Michelle Obama

Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer … but everybody in this race is a lawyer. And most of them made their millions before they decided to help the people, but not Barack.” – Michelle Obama AUDIO

From Michelle Obama – Unhindered by Accuracy

See “Hillary Clinton Helped by Obama.”


Oh Yeah Google?

April 13, 2008

Picasa Web Albums Don’t Work!

Someone from Google posted at the Google Help Blog wanting to know: “Something Broken in Picasa Web Albums?” That blew my mind. I could not help myself from ranting:

I have been trying to get help for My Picasa Web Albums that stopped working when I paid for my second year in November 2007. I made repeated emails to Google and repeated postings at help groups. NOTHING!!!!

I have had to stop using Picasa Web Albums for my photos and I went back to Flickr. I don’t like it at all that Picasa started making my photographs smaller when I upload or download them, since I am a PAYING customer. I am not a newby – I have been using Flickr for years and Picasa Web Albums since the beginning.